Monday, 11 August 2008

Update on the case of the missing case!!!

Hubby rang the hotline number at 7am this morning and actually SPOKE TO SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!

Case has turned up in Manchester and is being courriered over sometime today!!!! YIPPEEE!!!! Made a rough list of its contents yesterday in case we had to claim and got to £1500 without trying!!!! I am just so relieved!!! Lets hope it gets here before I leave for my sisters during the night!!! Have never turned up with a suitcase full of dirty washing before to start my holiday!!! She has already said the washing machine is available!!!! Lol! I am just soooooooooo happy!!! Thanks for all the sparkly vibes!!!xx

P.S. I must remember it is not actually here yet, so trying to remain cautious!!!! Lets not get carried away now!!!!

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