Saturday, 30 August 2008

Wash and go!!!!

We've washed the dog, an annual affair,
He hates it so much, doesn't want to be there!
I enlisted some help, to keep the dog still,
A two person job, he has a strong will!
He would go and leave home, if he had half a chance!
It's only his look, we are trying to enhance!!
The water is warm, the shampoo delightful!
The smell of "wet dog" is totally frightful!
We massage and rinse him, with love and with care,
He is still wishing, he was not there!
We've shampooed him carefully, we towel him dry,
Making sure that no soap, gets in his eye!
Finally - it's over! A shake is a must!!!!
After drenching us both, with a look of disgust.....
He zooms round the garden, in the blink of an eye,
Convinced he can get his coat to "spin dry!"
He rolls on his towel, he fetches his toy,
His hair's gone all curly!!!My handsome boy!!!
Transformation complete, with a collar that's new!
He says " I am STILL never speaking to YOU!!!!!!!"

Lol! We love him dearly xxx Barney boo boos!
A page in the making I feel!!!! TFL x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very funny poem CC! Bet he smells all loverly now though.Jackie Worcs :-)