Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Where? What? Why? When? Who?

Bonjour! So many questions!!! Where have I been? Well, I've been to my sisters in the south of France for a week! It sounds like I have this high flying lifestyle, but it is not true!!! I clicked on Ryanair and saw they had some flights going out for 0.00p!!!! and back for £14.99 + taxes and cases of course, but the temptation was too great and the lure of the 'foire a la brocante' the 'what?' and 'why?' I went!!!! Lots of goodies to use in my crafting for my Etsy shop and loads of great ideas! Can't wait to get started!!! Watch this space! I keep saying that and then nothing appears! I must craft tomorrow!!!
When did I go? Well, I went for one week, with Ds2, last tuesday and came back today! Just been unpacking and washing, AGAIN!!!

The who I refer to is Ds1. What a week he has had! Life with a Dyspraxic child is full of peaks and troughs and this week has certainly been a peak! AS results better than he expected, and then passing his driving test!! A major achievement!!! I am so thrilled I can't tell you! I burst into tears when the call came through to France and he said "Why are you crying mum? I passed!" Good question! The fact that I had been to hell and back, torturing myself for the duration of the test, I paced, I sighed, I churned and paced again! Just normal motherly feelings, that no one warns you about before becoming a parent! To him it meant so much more. It is the first time he has succeeded on the first attempt, at anything and I wish to give hope to all Dyspraxic mums out there! Yes, it is possible!

Ds 2 passed his grade five modern and tap exams, both with 90 marks, and achived good results in his KS3 SATS, so I must not omit his achivements too!

Pleased to be home, opening pizza boxes and sitting with Barney, my faithful hound, watching me type as usual! Off to package some Etsy orders up, but will leave you with a glimpse of some of my Studio Calico monthly kit goodies from this month, bought on my behalf, by my personal shopper!!!! Lol!!! (You know who you are!) Once again, Scarlet and April have put together a fantastic kit and the Mint Choc Chip add on is perfect for me! Enjoy!

P.S. Here is a combination of other goodies that were waiting for me too! Salut!

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