Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Advent calendar phase 2!

Continuing from yesterday's post!

I used Making Memories Fa-la-la papers, but there are others with numbers on. 4. Now to tear up the toning papers. I cut one up to use as numbers, one to use as embellishment text and then that left me with 4 others, which were double sided to use for background. Tear large-ish pieces of the background ones, in random shapes, leaving a 'white river' along the edge (tear towards you.) Ink the edges with a small ink pad in toning colour. Glue these randomly on the baking tray in a patchwork effect, with the PVA glue, then coat top surface with PVA. proceed until none of the baking tray underneath is showing. make sure the whole surface is coated with PVA and allow to dry OR you can go straight on to next step if you prefer. I mixed in some of the embellishment text too. 5. Using the rough template as a guide only to your positioning, arrange the numbers on the front of the decoupage background, making sure each one has enough space to receive a magnatic embellishment later on. When you are happy with the positioning, glue them down with PVA and coat over the top with PVA. TIP: I used a strip of card to lay on the surface to ensure straight positioning, then removed it afterwards. {Please note you can't glue the card template to the baking tray for positioning because this would prevent the magnets from attracting to the metal!} Leave to dry completely.

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sue-bubbles said...

Your calendar is SO beautiful!!!
Sue x