Sunday, 28 September 2008

Advent Calendar Tutuorial - phase 1

Here we go! I finally got round to this! Phase 1

You will need;
A baking tray - size depends on your embellishments I used a large one from 'in-store' £3.00
Acrylic paint - Anitas
Large pot of PVA
Foam brush
Empty margarine pot to mix PVA and paint
Cropadile big bite
Large eylets
Chipboard letters
6 sheets of toning Christmas papers including 1with number one to 24 on (I used Making Memories Fa-la-la papers.
Ink pads to tone with papers
Vintage papers - optional - I used Christmas recipes
Large selection of embellishments, to make the daily ornaments
Magnetic self adhesive strip on a roll
Pliers - to cut magnetic strip
Glue gun
Silicone glue

The baking tray is used the wrong way up so there is a recess on the back to store the daily embellishments.

1. Pour some PVA into the margarine tub and mix with a little water (not too runny!) Coat the back of the baking tray in a PVA water mixture, using the foam brush and allow it to dry. (This will make the paint stick.) Mix acrylic paint and PVA and paint the baking tray, using the foam brush. (I did not bother painting the centre area where the papers would cover.) Leave to dry. You could do a second coat if you want thicker coverage.
2. Using the vintage recipe papers,tear out interesting Christmas recipes and glue them randomly on the centre of the baking tray. Glue on with PVA and paint PVA over the top too. Allow to dry.

3. Meanwhile, prepare the numbers, by cutting them all out from one sheet of paper. Draw a cardboard template of your baking tray front and divide equally into 24 sections. Arrange your numbers loose on the template until you are happy with your positioning. You may wish to mix the numbers up, I chose to put them in order. Once you have a rough template you now know all your embellishments must fit within these sections roughly. An odd few could be bigger or smaller to add texture. You can now start to collect things for your embellishments! Cut 24 small squares of chipboard about 1"x 1" ready to mount the magnets on.


Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

what a cool idea, love it. well done

Jess said...

I really love this project! I like the daily embellishment posts, too. Do you mind if I post a review and link on my craft blog?

cannycrafter said...

Jess link to you and your blog for a reply is not working! Dont mind you linking blogs!