Monday, 29 September 2008

Are we ready?

For QVC craft day???? Well the TSV is now showing on QVC mobile,with a picture 587461 at £26.74 + £5.45 p&p but I think most people I know have already ordered it!!!! They must wonder what on earth is going on at QVC!!!!! never has there been so much interest! And if ot sells out, there will be one time only offers and I will be at work! Will be able to scoot home quickly just in time to watch Kirsty Wiseman on the papermania hour for do crafts! Got it on sky + just in case I get delayed. Then there is a brief window to provide a light tea, before Rosemary is back on at 6pm for the American Crafts hour!!! Someone mentioned 12 6x6 albums this time, but since I have the 18 6x6 I ordered last year I will give that one a miss!!! My TSV and my American Crafts ribbons I ordered have shipped today, so I wonder when they will arrive??? If you have a Bind It All machine, apparently Rosemary is doing an hour with them at 11am including some sets of wires, but p&p can bump up the price so check them out!

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sue-bubbles said...

As you know CC...I already have the rose set, but it all looked so yummy on the tv - the blue one fell into my basket - ooops! I resisted the BIA though!
Sue x