Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Day 1 in the Big Brother House!!!!!

Mrs G is in the classroom, frantically trying to make the computer work and finds she is not linked to any printer!!!! Resorts to the photocopier which promptly eat up the pages in the auto sheet feeder! Has to manually photocopy a booklet of 20 pages, one page at a time! Tries to put up some backing paper on the drab grey noticeboards, staple gun runs out of staples. Has two boxes of staples in teacher desk drawer, neither fit. Has a new staple gun in top drawer, opens it, staples don't fit that either. Goes to office to ask if any staples the right size? Finally gets some to fit! Tries to open a programme on the PC, to enter some students names, to find she needs a password. Asks for a password, nobody knows it, goes to get a laptop to use the programme independently, finds that it has no power cable, goes to get second laptop, to use the power cable for the first lap top, finally starts work after wasting lots of TIME!!!!!!!!!!! How was your day????? My first day back at school was 'pants' to coin one of my sons phrases! (or is that word out all ready!! I am sooooo not with it!!!) A whole day in high heels was not good either after five weeks in toe post sandals!!!! My feet were on fire!!!!

Had a second go at taking my photo for the magazine! Hopefully it will be ok this time??? Not sure my camera is up to the task!
Kirsty Wiseman if you're passing I could do with some help here!!!! That photography course is looking more appealing by the minute! Will search it out on Thursday on my day off! (Note to self to check out Slimming World too!!! Lol!) Not sure if I can cope at this stage of the term though! Things are always manic and emergency chocolate rations are what get me through!!! You should have seen me yesterday when I mis-placed my Toffee Crisp! Talk about embarassing!!! hate seeing myself on film! I always scrap everone else and never me! (Love my Betty Jackson sale bargains though!!!!)
We just had a huge storm this evening with hailstones and everything!!!! Not had one like that for a while!
Finally here is a cute chap my son baked today!
But look what naughty mummy did!!!!! He will not be happy when he gets home from dance class!
P.S. If you represent Royal Society of The Prevention Of Cruelty To Shortbread Men!!!! It wasn't me gov!!!!!! Lol!


Kristii said...

lol!! No shortbread police here!! My feet aren't used to wearing shoes at all, let alone dress shoes! I am right there with you. That is quite a picture of the hailstones...looks very sparkly! Hope you have a great night!

sue-bubbles said...

Oh your post has had me in tears of laughter CC - what a day you've had! Then when I got down to the gingerbread man..I was finished! Of course what you should have done was eaten it all and denied ever seeing it! You know what you need for your 'plates of meat' though dont you....its sandalized shoes time!
Sue x

sue-bubbles said...

Ooops, I forgot to say...your photos are lovely!
Sue x