Saturday, 27 September 2008


I was on the chat threads on UK scrappers yesterday and apparently the Cosmo Cricket TSV for next tuesday, that we have all been waiting for, is showing as an item number on QVC mobile! You can access QVC mobile form your PC here and enter the item number 587461 and then put in your choice of red or blue and it accepts the order. Nowhere does it say it is the Cosmo Cricket TSV until you log into your account online in the normal way and view your order status. there it says it is 'Cosmo Cricket 2 Albums in Storage Box with 48 Papers, Cards & Embellishments' here's hoping!!!! Fingers crossed!

The only difference between the two kits is the album covers and storage box. Here. If we are correct and my source in America says the kits are very similar to the USA ones. The storage box has the colour difference. Although I have boys, I noticed the albums in the blue case were floral, so I ordered the Rose (red) as those albums have stripes and geometric patterns. It says order in process! So I thought if I didn't like it (fat chance!) I could always return it!!!! LOL! Oh look! A pig just flew past the window!!!! Lol!

So, I pass this information onto you, as friends who have eagrely awaited this!!! It's up to you how you use this information!!!! Lots of people on the chat thread have!!! QVC must wonder what's happening!!!! Was thinking it saves me staying up, but will stay up anyway as I want to see what I've ordered! ordered some American Crafts Ribbons at a birthday price too! Was not fortunate enough to receive an easy pay voucher through the post yet though!! Here's hoping!

On another topic entirely, you will be pleased to know, my french scrapbook magazine arrived today and it was scrapbooking and not 'Toutankamon' magazine as I thought I had signed up for!!!!! Remember that post????

The advent calendar got completed last night, all 24 of the embellishments are made and glued to their magnets. All i need to do now is write up how to make it! That could be a long post, so I may split it into three separate tutorilas. One for the baking tray painting, omne for the decoupgae and one for the embellishments. I will see, but I did take lots of photo's!!

Here it is! Hung on the wall with a few of the magnets in place, the rest are hidden in the recess on the back! Clever hey????

Off to have a play now, hopefully do some sewing. DS1 and hubby gone to watch football, DS2 out trying to get a saturday job and then getting his hair cut - thank goodness!!! Just me and Barney! See you later TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Caroline, have just ordered mine gone for the blue too.

Love your tray advent calender, well done, cannot wait to see the instructions.

Maria (bubbles)

Anonymous said...

Hi CC, thank you for the mobile link. I have ordered the Rose option.
Love the baking tray advent calendar too.
Jackie worcs :-)

CoventryAnn said...

Your advent calendar is fantastic!!!