Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I mentioned the other day about writing a poem as a request from a crafting friend, who was making a maze book about her favourite embellishment - buttons! Her homage to buttons has now been completed and is visible on her blog here including a close up of my poem! I love how she got the buttons to pose so beautifully! It must have taken hours of patience! If you are interested in the same buttons, they are the foof-a-la range and I now own Indian summer, Bella and Rhonna Farrer Christmas! 6oz in each bag is a huge amount and they are fab! Good old Autumn leaves! I think I may be a button addict too! Check out the maze book! Well done Sue!

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sue-bubbles said...

Thank you for a special mention on your blog Caroline! I SO need those Christmas buttons...please forward your source...I think I may have deleted it.....eeek!
Sue x