Thursday, 18 September 2008

A funny story to brighten your day!

You may remember this post, where I alluded to a magazine I bought whilst on holiday in France. Well, I asked my sister to get me the next edition before she came home but she couldn't. So, I was reading my original one in bed the other night and I noticed they had a subscription form in the bakc, so i filled it in and sent it off. Yestrday I had an email, saying my credit card would not work, so please could I follow the link on their magazine site and enter it via paypal. This I did and it did not work the first time, but at the second attempt it did! All is well you may think, until I print off the receipt to find their email address listed on the bottom is toutankamonmag!!!!!!!! Don't laugh!!! I do not want a subscription to Toutankamon magazine at all!!!!! I set off to write an email and in my desperation resorted to French half way through without accents, as I don't know how to do accents using hotmail, they don't have insert symbol or anything like Word has!!! here is what I wrote!!!

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I followed the link from your web page for 'Abonnements Europe Autres Pays', I have paid it via Paypal, but am a bit worried that the email address on the bottom of the receipt says Toutankamon mag!!!!! When I want to sign up for Scrapbooking! Help! Aidez-moi! Je ne veux pas avoir un magazine de Toutankamon!!! Je voudrais du Scrapbooking! J'espere que vous pouvez m'aider!!!! J'aime bien votre petit numero que j'avais achete pendant mes vacances en France! J'ai achete L'hors de serie No1 et j'ai fait ce project sur mon Blog!"

Have you stopped laughing yet?????????? The perils of signing up in a foreign language!!!


Anonymous said...

Just read this! Hilarious!
Jackie worcs :-) x

NancyJones said...

Blesss your heart. Sounds like something that would happen to me.