Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Handsome, or what?

I know a good looking chap here who melted my heart! So I could not resist sending a gift to him!!!! Eddie!

A few puppy Tubo's and an album for his owner including the afore mentioned stuffed sausage dog! With photo's of the album taken far more professionally than I could!!! (of course darling!!!!) I am glad you liked it! P.S. need to email Nigella about her banana choc chip muffins, her oven setting was far too high! I nearly needed the fire brigade!!! Was going to have another attempt until I saw I had used all the chocolate, (or was that eaten???) anyway, day off tomorrow, so may have another batch on the go! I can recommend them! (In her express cookbook, under banana butterscotch muffins!)

All two days of work over, so that's me done for another week! I can sure get used to these five day weekends! I never have trouble filling them! Off to the hairdressers tomorrow, to banish the grey, then a bit of light housework (possibly) followed by a soupcon of crafting in the afternoon before parents arrive for tea! Friday, more crafting and a little e-bay work with my friend although, that is a dirty word in this house at the moment, and has been the source of much angst and not sleeping in the last 24 hours!!!!! Put DS1's moped on ebay, uk buyers only, to find it had been bought by someone in Cyprus?????? Hello????? UK BUYERS ONLY!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING??????? Anyway, we are not talking about it, well, just shouting actually, but not talking!!!! Off to drown my sorrows in Aero and a Dolce Gusto coffee then have a bath and put my feet up for "Who do you think you are?" on TV. Been working 'til late on my baking tray project, still not finished!!!

Apparently there is a new Cath Kidston eco bag out at Tesco, I may just have to call in tomorrow. It's a green one with roses!

Just thought I'd share a couple of pics I took for school last week on my dog walk with Barney, for our lesson on texture! I stood under this giant oak tree and looked up and suddenly it felt like it was raining!!! I looked around to see waht was falling and it was acorn cups! There were two squirrels at the top of the tree feasting and the cups were raining down on me!!!!

It was so sunny that day the photo's are very light! TFLx

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