Monday, 22 September 2008

Stamp Storage

I have been having a Christmas kind of day today! My sister gave me my Christmas present yesterday, completely unexpected, so I decided to get to it and make it up today!!! It is a large glass backed shadow box frame with sections, I wanted it for my stamp storage in the craft room and looked at it in France when I was on holiday with her! She bought it me for Christmas! Yay!So this is what I did!

1. First I painted the intersecting boxes with Anitas Acrylic paint and a foam brush. I used off white and it took two coats. Leave it to dry then assemble the grid.

2. Then I cut some of my favourite papers into 10cm squares and glued them to the hardboard backing frame using PVA. This frame came with a glass back infront of the hardboard back so this will protect my papers from ink and dust. 3. I then assembled the frame and started to fill it with my wooden backed rubber stamps. Just waiting for hubby to put me a secure fixing in the craft room wall, as it is very heavy!!!!
I think it will be great, so that's my wood mounted stamps storage sorted!!!! Larger ones stand on the top. Now for all the clear stamps!!!! Lol!! Any ideas????? If you want to have a go and you can't get a shadow box with intersections, you could always make the intersections from chipboard and intersect them like the first picture. I may use them more now I can see them!!!

Just putting the finishing touches to my painted baking tray for advent, but that's another days story!!! TFLx Merry Christmas!!


lisa dickinson said...

love that storage piece! all those yummy papers in one place! :)

vtpuggirl said...

Wow, that is a neat storage piece. Love what you did with the patterned paper, great idea!

sue-bubbles said...

A gorgeous work of art!!!

Denise said...

I loved it when I first saw it on SC and love it even more now. You did a fabulous job transforming it!

Anonymous said...

wow cc, i love it. we could all do with one of them. gina xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic :)