Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ok, so the day goes like this......

I wake up and let the tribe get themselves organised and out the house, after all the boys are 14 and 17 so I'm sure mummy is not required at this stage, apart from the odd, 'are you up yet????' and it is '8 o'clock you know!!!!' 'It is quarter past 8 you know!!!!!!' (by now sounding a little more agitated!) Put back the hem that OH carelessly pulled a thread on yesterday and the whole suit hem came down!!! Got distracted onto yesterdays project a Maya Road, coffee break book and coffee break tin that needed some PVA attention. Then painted a non-stick baking tray with PVA all before breakfast! Came downstairs and then a really wierd experience - stood there in my dressing gown (Whoops! nearly wrote dressing ground - as my hubby used to say when he was little - one of those embarassing little anecdotes from MIL when we first met, along with 'stwarbewies are hobbible!' God rest her!) anyway, back to the weird thing (it's getting like one of those Ronnie Corbett sketches again!!!)
I stood on the doorstep and waved as the kids set off in the car!!!!! On their own!!! A moment a mother has, when she realises she has given them the wherewithall to be self sufficient!! A light bulb moment, of which I am secretly very proud, but also a tinge sad - they don't NEED me!!

The new 'batmobile', purchased a couple of weeks ago, as mum here was paranoid that the 9 year old Corsa we had bought had no airbags and in view of the tradgedy I mentioned a few posts ago, the death of a member of one of my craft forums, through someone else jumping a red light, I feel completely justified in my paddy!!!! It's one thing driving the car with your parent sat beside you, its a whole other thing sat there on your own!!!! So I think anyway!!! Although it has been brought to my attention frequently, that he must have met the required standards to pass in the first place! Don't you just love it when they are right????!!!!!!

So, off they go and I nip on the PC to check my emails whilst eating my Special K 'sour' berries!!! (Yuk! Any resemblance to a strawberry is purely coincidental!!!!!) with a spoonful of sugar on to counteract the sour taste! So that must be about 8.30 and then I go to check my craft forums, a few blogs, publish any comments that have been left on my blog (thanks ladies, I do appreciate you read my drivle!) and now it is 9.45 and I am still here!!!! Still in my dressing ground! Not a pot washed, not a chamber emptied! (As my grandmother used to say!!!) Barney has lost the will to live and keeled over for another hours sleep, never hoping to ever get a sniff of a walk before lunchtime!!! Too busy beating up the bin lorry as we speak actually! It's blue bin day today (papers, cans and plastics!) They sure need a good telling off! Earplugs required!

Had a superb little lift via email that has given me the courage I need to tackle the A1 tomorrow! Northern papercrafts, here I come! Ready or not! I have 'sat nav' and I am not afraid to use it! (Well, actually I have not got sat nav but hubby's car does, so he has filled it with diesel and is prepared to let me loose!!!) If anyone spots me in Bournemouth or up a road unsuitable for vehicles, please stop and assist! I will report back tomorrow! If I make it there and back! I am looking forward to it now!!!

*Ican and I will, I can and I will, I can and I will!*

Here's hoping this post works, yesterday I had major errors all day trying to post on here! Autosave wont work either, so not even saved in draft!!!!!

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