Monday, 1 September 2008

Quick cards!

What a hectic day! Have been doing schoolwork all day!!!! Apart from taking DS2 to dance class at tea time! Even had to get DS1 to cook tea! Handy having a qualified GCSE food student around!!! Just finally got around to some 'me' time and put together 3 quick cards, using my Brenda Pinnick kit. Just a little thank you to the children who bought me a gift at the end of last term. That kind of cardmaking box is great to pull out and put a few cards together quickly, when you are really short of time! Everything in one box and it all co-ordinates!

I HOPE THIS IS NOT A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME! I must make time for me!!!

Had an email today to say the photo I sent to the Creativity! life mag, for Scrapbook Apprentice is not good enough quality, megabytes not subject!!!! That's a shame as I was rather fond of that one and we had such fun in France when my niece did my photoshoot! Lol! Will have to give it another 'shot!'

Here it is anyway! Maybe it's time I stopped hiding behind Barney's photo on here if I am going to be published! I may have to resort to getting my photo taken by a professional if my little camera is not good enough quality! How scary would that be!

Nipping off to dry my hair and put my feet up with a craft magazine! TFLx

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Rita said...

Love your cards! Very cute!