Tuesday, 30 September 2008

QVC Craft Day Resume!

I can go to bed tonight safe in the knowledge that my Cosmo Cricket 9000 piece TSV is winging its way to me as we speak! It set off yesterday, (having ordered it early!!!) As did my American crafts ribbons and I have to say I am satisfied! I din't go mad, I filled my basket with everything on the Ameircan Crafts hour, but then put my sensible head back on and decided to order nothing! I like Anna Griffin's stuff, but still have not started the last two sets of hers I ordered from them, so resisted! I have a BIA and decided I have enough wire to bind a small library at the moment! So I am happy!
Kirsty was fab with Clare in the Papermania hour! Loved those samples and the idea to use an acrylic album to store clear stamps, might just get me thinking!!!! Just remembered I brought some acrylic back from France! Now where did I put it??????? Lol! TFLx


Kelly said...

WOW!! That's going to be alot of Cosmo Cricket!! I hope you take a pic of the box when it arrives!!

sue-bubbles said...

I just had to order another tsv in the end...but resisted the BIA! Mind you, having seen the demo of it - I WANT ONE!
Sue x

NancyJones said...

hahah good luck finding the acryllic I am the same way I KNOW ITS HERE... but WHERE! LOVE that cosmo set!

Anonymous said...

My Cosmo Cricket arrived this morning, its lovely, but it has to be put away for my birthday in Nov!
Jackie worcs :-)

Vicky said...

I had to have this one as well and am so excited for it to arrive. It was shipped today so fingers crossed it won't take too long!
Good luck finding the acrylic!
Vicky x