Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sad, sad news.

One of the girls over on the Studio Calico forum, Aleida, (Ricanlaw) has been killed yesterday in a car accident on her way to work, she died instantly. I just went over ther to browse the message boards, as I often do and found the post. She was such a lovely lady and she has left a husband and two young children. She posted comments frequently on my gallery projects and here on my blog, like this one last week. She was very funny and a joy to the forum. I leave you with two recent posts from her blog, here and here and resolve to take on board what she so knowingly wrote about.
1. I resolve to place myself infront of the camera more often and make sure our scrapped memories include me, for my children's sake.
2. I resolve to live every day like it is the last.

God bless her. x


sue-bubbles said...

This is indeed very sad news Caroline. I did not have the pleasure of knowing this lady but she was clearly very special and her sentiments are so very very true. She touched a lot of lives in a very positive way...and has now touched mine through you. Bless her family and friends!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Oh what a shame CC.
I feel so sad now even though I didn't know the lady, so what must you be feeling like.....& her husband & children too.
I also will take on board now .....Live Each day like it's your last.....she's just proved the point!


Anonymous said...

Oh Caroline, I'm so sorry, I didn't know her, but she sounded lovely...

....and yes totally agree with both her posts, and will take them fully on board, Thank you.

Maria x

Anonymous said...

Oh What a shame Caroline.
I feel so sad now for every-one who knew her & especially her family.
I will also take on board now - Live each Day like it's your Last.....she's just proved the point.

Anonymous said...

So sad to read this she sounds like a very special person indeed and will be very missed, her sentiments however have given me a wake up call I for one will always be grateful to her for that.
Bless her and her loving family.