Friday, 26 September 2008

Sassafras day!

I was just checking in this morning before starting the boring housework and ironing, when I got to my e-mails. Sassafras have sent me an email to check out their blog!

Remember this?

I don't know what made me think to alter a sailboat in the first place, but everyone seems to love it! Sassafras included! It was April at Studio Calico who suggested I email them a pic of my altered items and sure enough they were interested! My Ikea drawers are in use all the time, so is my wine box full of embellishments, with my handmade dividers from recycled packaging. They are asking for more of your Sassafras altered items, so if you have any please show me too!!!

It's funny, if you were to go back to the message boards at SC ages ago, when we first got the Sassafras 'fawned of you' paper, I posted on there that I didn't know what to do with it!!! It just wasn't me! Now look at me, I can't get enough!!! And these are the papers I am choosing to have around me in my craft room on items I use everyday! That's what I love about Studio Calico, it has introduced me to papers I would not have chosen myself, but am now enjoying using thoroughly! Who knows what you could create Lol???? Stepping outside your comfort zone can be adventurous and rewarding! Thank you Sassafras! Keep up the great work!Off to do a bit more work on my advent calendar, it's coming along nicely! Will give full instructions on how to make one once I have finished it!!!!! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh cc your work is great and the papers look fab too, well done.

Do you put a sealant on top your altered work? as I was wondering how they were protected from the dust, spillages etc.

Thanks, and keep up the good work I just love looking at what you produce.

Maria (bubbles)

Elisa said...

Cutest boat I've ever seen!

altered geisha said...

I got so excited that Jodie was from near Cottingham, my Mother is from there but alas we are not related. Just goes to show how important those really old Church records are though I mean look how far she got back!!
Love your altered tray it's coming along really well and the papers are beautiful!
The altered Sail boat is my all time favourite so at least CC have great taste!! Congratulations!!

Cath said...

wowza, so much eye candy on here today. Congrats on the sass mention!
I am so waiting for the instructions for the calendar!

Cath said...

Wow, so much eye candy here today!
I am so waiting for those instructions for the calendar!

Lauren said...

Fabulous altered items..So so cute..That Sassafras really grows on you doesn't it??

joanne (spagirl) said...

wow! those are lovely projects! how cool they posted the boat on their blog! congrats!

april said...

so happy that you were featured on the sassafras blog! well-deserved for such a unique idea