Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sassafras crazy!!!! Altered item tutorial.

Here is my altered project from the other day using Sassafras papers to alter a set of wooden drawers I had from IKEA from ages ago! These are what they used to look like!
Over ten years ago, I bought them and emulsioned them in cream and then glued on wrapping paper with PVA (it bubbled a little) and then varnished them with clear varnish for my sons bedroom. He used them as a bed side table as I added castors to the bottom! Space was tight at the time! Then they were in the loft for ages, then I took them to school to use for resources for maths. Once I started scrapping, I knew I had a use for them back at home again, so I brought them home and used them as they were. Once I got my new bookcase last week, I had to alter them and had been saving these papers for the job!

You will need;
6 sheets of various patterned papers, (for this size of drawers) I chose quite sturdy ones.
One inch wide double sided tape
Craft glue stick
Ink pad to ink the edges
Various embellishments
PVA and a foam brush if you want to seal it
Scissors and a craft knife.

1. Glue the papers down with extra wide and tacky double sided tape (I got from "The Works" for 99p) and then used gluestick as well in the centre!
2. Draw around each drawer front individually, and around the finger hole. Cut that out before sticking! 3. Apply the tape and glue to the wooden drawer front and carefully position the paper. Stand it up like this to finally trim off the excess using a craft knife.

4.Ink the edges using a chalk eye ink pad.

5. Alternatively, you could turn the drawers the other way around before you cover them, so you don't have finger holes, and then buy some lovely little drawer knobs!!! (I have just remembered I was going to do that!! Oh well next time!!!!)
6. Add some hambly ATC acetates cut out, buttons ribbons and various embellishments to suit you. (The scalloped frills were cut from Sassafrass edge papers.)

7. To seal it, if you want to, you could use PVA and water mix (I use a foam brush) once completed. (I may leave it like this and just change it in the future!!) Sometimes when applying the PVA the papers bubble up and I just keep smoothing them down and help the drying speed up with a heat gun, but BE CAREFUL not too close or you can singe the papers! Just at a safe distance to apply warmth.

You can just see the one next to it on the shelves that I have still to do! Again I did this one ten years ago for spices in my kitchen! I used a dark oak varnish to tone down the colours of the wrapping paper that time, so it may need more work! I was into altering way back then, before I knew what it was. Have a go! Most people have some IKEA storage around the house! They have magazines holders, CD holders, Desk tidies, (a bit like the Making Memories one, but without drawers) and lots more!
One day I my be like this!!!! TFLx

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sue-bubbles said...

Loving your! I have some of these that I painted and crackle glazed which I still love, but others that I decorated with ladybugs...maybe time for a change! You are an inspiration CC!
Sue x