Monday, 15 September 2008

Shimelle's class catch up!!

I had to do two months photographs in one scrapping session i was so behind with this book! I had taken the photo's on the 25th July on the day we flew to Italy, but had not scrapped them by the time the 25th of August arrived! I missed that day as we were driving home from Scotland, so ended up photographing the 26th!!! A very boring day as it turned out, as I sanded and painted a bookcase!!! Then went for a manicure & pedicure! (Hence the picture of my toes!!!) Anyway, here they are all lovingly scrapped and in their proper place, just in time for the 25th September!!!

In light of the post on Saturday about pledging to put myself infront of the camera, I have revisted these two pages and guess what? Only Barney is on every page when all of us are supposed to be on every page! I resolved to do something about this, so am going to take some pictures retrospectively and add them to each LO so we are all present and correct!!!

For those who are interested, the prompt for July was to take photos and alter them to Black & White, apart from a few that were bright colours. For August, the prompt was to take an overall picture of the subject, but the do three close ups on part of it. I am learning so much doing this class and the children have now got used to the date!!!

Not sure my camera is taking sharp photo's at the moment, so have decided to invest in a new battery to see if it makes any difference. They have all been very pale too. Anyway, it arrived this morning and I have it on charge as we speak! had issues too with the new HP photo paper I bought, as all the black keeps rubbing off it!!! had to buy a new printer on Saturday as DS2's old one finally dies, so I have given him mine and invested in an Epson, with separate ink cartridges. Will be interested to see if the photo's print ok on this. I also chose it because I wanted to return to a printer with a feeder at the back, as I was finding some photo papers were too thick to double back on themselves in my old HP printer, where the feeder was at the front. Watch this space, I am sure you will be the first to know if it is no good! Really I need a photo printer and a scanner copier printer! Lol! Rather than trying to get one to be jack of all trades!

Finally just made a sympathy card to send to Aleida's family in America. Studio Calico are collecting them together and mailing them all. used my Anna Griffin French Lace papers and my threading water punch. TFLx


cezca said...

these are so nice, i mean you're good.

sue-bubbles said...

Stunning pages CC. BTW..having used up all my glossy Canon paper (which is excellent) Im now using some HP - it really is the poor relation by the looks of things!
Sue x