Sunday, 25 January 2009

The world as I see it

I took this picture recently, this is how I see the world, over the top of these and they are getting bigger!!! My back and shoulders ache! I can't see my feet! No bra I have fits me at all! I had this top on today and think the time has come to consign it to the cupboard until I am a twelve and flat chested!!! (Never in a million years will I be a size twelve!)

I pegged out ( Yorkshire term!) the washing and looked at the PE kit and hundreds of black socks and underpants and thought of my life as I see it! It's a man's world, certainly in this house, even the dog is male! So I grabbed my tiara (courtesy of Claire's accessories) and tried to search for my inner princess, before getting down to ironing all those shirts and cleaning the bathroom. (Why is it men can never aim straight?!!) So I had gone from berating my femininity to criticising the masculinity in this house in the same hour!
I love my boys dearly and would not be without them, but boy there are a lot of hormones raging around here at the minute and they ain't mine! DS2 has entered the "Kevin" stage of arguing every point and tutting and huffing like it's going out of fashion! Acne is appearing at a great rate of knotts. We only just conquered this with DS1!!!! He is at the grunting stage, where he says he does not mutter, it is I who needs a hearing aid!!!!! Doors slam, sibling rivalry occurs at regular intervals, boys bicker and play fight and the peaks and troughs of life lurch past with a roller coaster of emotions!!!! I fall into bed exhausted! Those terrible teens sure do beat the terrible twos into a cocked hat!!!!! I thought toddlers were difficult!
My boys are great, they are well rounded, polite, well mannered and respectful to others, I am very proud of that. The efforts on our part to keep it that way are never ending and I have to say there are occasional slips! We have the added difficulties of aging parents, who at times can have their tantrums as good as the teens! And are equally good at not doing as they are told! (And never will by the way! I have been assured of that!)
So where is this going? Well no one said life was going to be easy and every day teaches you a lesson and today's lesson for me was be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. Stop striving for perfection. Let nature take it's course, it's just a phase! It's my turn for the hormones next!!!!! TFL x
Update! I was double dared by Cal to scrap it!!! So here it is!!!!


sue-bubbles said...

A fabulous, and moving post CC! And a very brave photo if I may say so lol! These teenage years will pass...hang on in there - lots of deep breaths & counting to 10 (over and over)!
Sue x

a little bit of me........ said...

OMG you were blessed CC!

i love your posting its so honest and it sounds like my house we have 4 males ,well 5 including the dog and then theres just me and my daughter fighting for sister-hood!

where your tiara daily CC in your heart!

sue-bubbles said...

I love that you have scrapped your photo CC! I think you should add the narrative from your blog somewhere...hidden on the back, or tucked in behind an existing element on the page perhaps, as its the perfect journalling for this moment in time, which you will look back and laugh about in the will CC, you will lol! Sue x

Anonymous said...

You'll come out of this a stronger woman CC & they will be lovely sons to you in your old age.....that thought was the only thing that got me through those years & it's now true.
As for 'the parents', Bless them, cherish every moment if you can - you'll miss them so much when they've gone. Mgt.x

Debo said...

I just stumbled across your blog today. My 'Kevin'is now 19 and LOVELY - caring, gentle, thoughtful - but away at Uni and I miss him like crazy!My daughter has been having Kevin moments(of various timescales) for the last year and I'm sure we've not seen the last of them. In between we get glimpses of the lovely person that she will become (just in time to go away, too, no doubt!!)I get my own back by singing in front of their friends!!!

Oh, and 'princesses wear crowns to remind them that they are beautiful and special because some days it's easy to forget.' So do I!!

CoventryAnn said...

This post (and photo!) made me laugh out loud. When my OH asked what i was laughing at i pointed to the screen and his respose was 'very nice'!!!!