Friday, 5 September 2008

Yesterday's post today!

To complete the saga about buttons, I meant to post this yesterday!

My new lovely buttons in their new home!! The centre sections - Bella on the left, Rhonna Farrer Christmas in the middle and Indian summer on the right! As you can see my, button collection was somewhat lacking before! I was running out of my Basic Grey buttons and had just bought some Woodware deep red button for Christmas cards, but other than that, pretty paltry! (Nearly wrote poultry!!!) So, I really did NEED those buttons and have been using them already!!!

Sorry for the lack of 'post' yesterday, but had a hectic day! Walked the dog, then went into town to exchange the scrapbook handbook mag I bought from WHSmith, as some kind person had stolen the CD out of mine!!! At £7.99 a throw I was not prepared to put up with that, so I went back for an exchange! The lady was very nice and said you would not believe what people take out of the magazines! Even when they are sealed!!! Also wanted to nip into Tesco's to buy the latest Eco bag - Cath Kidston floral design this time! I already have the spots and the stripes! They are so popular! Bought one for my sister too! New release, came out early because of the popularity of them! I love it!Bought some resources for my class at school, flash cards folders and things, bumped into a friend in M&S had a coffee and totally forgot to take back the bra I had gone in there to exchange!!! Never mind!

When I got back I was resolved to craft, but first spent an hour and a half listing DS2's clothes for sale on ebay. He has grown so much this holiday, nothing fits! I'm hoping by recyling them this way I can use the cash to buy stash!! (Method in my madness!) So I figured a bit of my time would be worth it in the long run.

So, instead of blogging yesterday, I got into the craft room and got stuck in to some projects I have been wanting to do since I came back from France! Stay tuned for more info!!! TFL

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