Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Advent Calendar final phase! The embellishments.

Here goes! This will take time as you have 24 individual embellishments to make!

6. Whilst the tray is drying you can begin the 24 embellishments. Collect the following, in colours that tone with the background papers;

buttons, lace, acrylic square, acetate, brads, mesh, gems, Grungeboard, chipboard, mirror, journaling cards, gromlets, pins, chipboard shapes, flowers, watch face, hearts, etc anything you have really!7. Start with some small journaling cards or square pieces of chipboard and make up embellishments based on the words and pictures you cut from the backing paper. Make sure each one is rigid, but not too heavy or the magnetic strip will not be strong enough. Mount some onto pieces of backing paper torn from the leftover sheets. Ink the edges. Using a variety of strong glues, PVA, Silicone or glue gun, make up 24 embellishments in total. Leave to dry.
8. Once dry, add a small square of chipboard to the back, using PVA for a strong adhesive. Then, once that’s dry, glue magnetic strip to this chipboard using the glue gun for strength. Leave to dry completely.
9. Add chipboard letters for December to the top of the calendar, glue in place with silicone and 3D them with Glossy accents or Anita’s 3D gloss. Leave to dry.
10. Using the Cropadile, make two holes, one in each top corner, add the large eyelets and set them. Tie a length of ribbon through the eyelets to hang it up with.
11. Wrap a length of ribbon around the calendar shape itself, where the baking tray sticks out, to cover any rough edges of the torn paper decoupage. Glue in place with silicone and trim the bottom with a neat bow. Make a hole with the Cropadile just below the bow and push a brad through very loosely and flatten on the back, so it has a slight shank that something could hang from. I made a sign for the 25th using chipboard and trimmed the reverse with a carol. I can now hang this from the brad on the bottom for an embellishment for Christmas day!
12. The spare embellishments can be stored on the reverse of the baking tray and be brought out each day and added to the front! If an embellishment is too heavy to stay on, add a second strip of magnet to make sure it sticks!

My 24 just fit!!!! Make sure they do! Happy crafting!
Original inspiration came from here Teresa McFayden. Thank you.

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