Monday, 13 October 2008

Back online!

Here is the card that dad sent mum in hospital and it sums it up exactly! Nursing care to action, courtesy of my sister. I am still in shock that they could even think to send her home, my sister being stronger in temprement than I, is in charge, although no-one will be able to tell mum what to do!!! I got told off today and told to stop 'tweeting' just because I had the common sense to ask if they had tried her on stairs, as she has 12 steep stairs to climb to bed! I also had the sense to ask if they would be prepared to take her back if she had
any problems! Everyone is certain she will be fine, so I am leaving them to get on with it! You get into trouble for caring around here!
My PC has also been nursed back to health, courtesy of the computer shop. Apparently, despite me running every Mcafee available on the market at some fantastic cost, I had 2300 viruses!!! A new record for the computer shop! So be warned. Here we are thinking our costly internet protection is working, mine scanned files daily, and it doesn't!!!!! They have installed a free one instead, which apparently works better!!!!?????? It certainly is a lot faster!! So the moral of this story is don't enter into your junk folder to search for errant e-mails, it just gets you zapped by a Trojan!!!! Never open e-cards!!!!!!!! learn from my mistake!

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Anonymous said...

DIL put a free one onto our comp at the week-end - she says it works much better than the ones DH has paid through the nose for.
I suppose the moral of the story is - 'You don't always get what you pay for'.
Congrats on getting it back & in working condition again CC, you must have been lost without it.