Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Card club triumph!!!

Here we have 14 results from card club at lunchtime! I went in early and cut all the mirri-card into 6x6 cards and drew around a circle on yellow paper 20 times! I laid out glue, foam pads, Sue's beautiful die cuts and glue. I cut 6x3 inch pieces of green backing paper for hills and printed off 20 Halloween greetings on the PC! The children thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact two forgot to go and do their duties!!! I love the way they followed my sample card roughly, but they had there own ideas where to site the ghosts and bats! Some had tiny ghosts coming out the doors, the chimney, some place a bat inside the card as a spooky fright, some used the googly eyes on the ghost rather than the bat! Each and every one was thrilled with the result and we even had two new members join! Boys and girls, those with special needs and the more able, all muck in together and have fun! Slightly less frantic than last week, as they were a bit more knowledgeable of the techniques, but I still could not manage without my TA helpers! Thank ladies! next week is halloween cards phase two!!
I showed them the trick or treat sack and told them how to do it, so they could have a go at home!
Thank you to the ladies from the craft forum who donated stash! Much appreciated! Thinking of having a card making table at the Christmas fair where people can pay to make a card. It could be manned by the pupils themselves by then! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh cc, they are fab, well done you all the pupils and also to you and your TA's for making it possible (and Sue of course).

You all have done a fantastic job, well done, I just love them Maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

What a joy it is that fun was had by all CC!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

Wow! All the cards are fab. Your pupils have done great job with those.
Jackie worcs :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs, just catching up on your news. Thanks for your acknowledgement of your TA's. We know who we are!!!! Love being part of your world. Love Di xxxxxx