Thursday, 23 October 2008

Coffee anyone?

Look at these fab coffee mats that my son Jonathan made using October Afternoon Fruit stand papers. He recovered the mats on his desk! I bought some normal coffee coasters with a cork backing, he drew around them and made two designs. We then passed them through my Laminator to make them waterproof. He then cut them out and stuck them to the mat using heavy duty, wide double sided tape from the DIY shop. He covered the whole surface with DST then carefully placed the laminated covers! They are fab! I may just have to copy his idea!!! I could make Christmas coasters!! Look great on his desk don't you think? Just need to train him how to bring his empty mugs downstairs now, rather than stockpiling them!!!! Lol! TFLx

Having a sewing day today on costumes, will post again later.


Anonymous said...

Love the coasters, they look fab. This is another reason to get a laminator!Jackie worcs :-)

Foxcraft said...

Faberoony idea - do you think he'd mind if I "borrowed" it for Christmas presents as well? Teachers could have matching card, candle and coaster!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW what a talented son you have cc, well done to him, what a fab idea.

Maria x