Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Design inspiration

Recently, I returned from a holiday in France, armed to the teeth with design inspiration! In fact one morning whilst I was there, I got up at 7am to write down all the ideas that were racing through my mind!!! What have I done with them? Filed them for a later date!

One of my favourite sources of inspiration was the 'Castorama' catalogue - France's equivalent to B&Q! I sat one day and leafed through the publication, a bit like an Ikea catalogue, noting down all the unusual colour combinations and ideas for textures or designs from wallpaper! I covered a sheet of A4! Another great source, was shopping! Browsing all the lovely gift shop, trying to remember all the fantastic ideas of materials to use and shapes of objects and display ideas. I even photographed a few shop windows that I found inspiring! I leaf through Vogue magazine at the hairdressers and note down ideas in the back of my diary or on a Tesco receipt!! In fact you can find inspiration anywhere! I am suprised to learn that cardmakers often seek inspiration in the card section of their local store!!! Somewhere obvious I had never thought to look! Months ago I did a card challenge based on a magazine advert, both LO and colourscheme and it came out really well! Subsequently I took the M&S magazine and ripped out all the adverts I liked to make rough sketches of colourschemes and layouts! My ideas book is overflowing, it's just time to do a layout I am short of!!!

Most designers are magpies. They spot ideas and commit them to memory to re-hash and use at a later date. So if you are short of inspiration, reach for that free magazine or catalogue and take a good look at what catches your eye! Why is it working for you? What can you use as a springboard to a new design layout! We are sometimes original, but often we are reworking something that we saw somewhere, but adding our own little twist or interpretation. TFLx

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