Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Happy Mail!

I got home from work, to find I have some happy mail!!!! All full of 'sparkly vibes' for me to get me through the next few days, whilst mum has her heart operation! A Dotee doll made by Sue bubbles who is a member of the do-crafts forum and something of an expert in the Dotee doll field recently!!! Each one she makes gets better and better. They have loads of seed beads and fine chain stitch on now, which must have taken ages to do!!! Thank you so much Sue! You can see more of here lovely Dotee's over on her blog here including a comment from the original Dotee doll creator and from Brenda Pinnick wanting buy one!! I am honored to own one. Here she is!

Maybe they will appear on Etsy soon!!!! TFLx

P.S. Love the post on Sue's blog about her son who came home at the weekend and very kindly alphabetised her favourites in Internet explorer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now she can't find a thing!!! Sons, you gotta love em!

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sue-bubbles said...

Thank you for loving your 'happy mail' CC...you are most welcome - thank you for being a wonderful friend!
Sue x