Monday, 13 October 2008

Hoping to hear news!

I am hoping to hear some news of my poorly PC today and if it is repaired I can go and fetch it.
Also hoping to hear news from hospital as they want to send mum home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see; She had her triple heart bypass last wednesday; 24 hours in intensive care; Thursday night I fainted when I saw her, so lets send her home today?????????????!!!!!!!! Don't you just love our healthcare system!!!!!!!!! I may not be around for some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


voodoo vixen said...

Hope you get your Mum home from hospital and I hope you get your PC back... but you are right... you certainly get more done if you don't have access to one... and its not only scrapping but the dreaded H word too! :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh cc, so sorry they want to send your mum home so soon, my friend MIL has only just come home over 2 weeks after her op, makes you mad when different areas do different things, hugs

hope it's good news about your computer, keeping my fingers crossed,