Saturday, 11 October 2008

My computer is ill!

Someone very kindly sent me an e card, which when I opened it, was not an e card but a virus infected my computer!!! I now have no computer, it is away to the computer shop. It was a Trojan which managed to disable my McAfee.
Be warned!!!!! Just what I needed this week! To be unable to communicate!!!!
I appologise for the lack of posts for the next few days.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh Caroline you poor thing, am so sorry, thats all you need at the moment, sending you (((hugs))),

and hope alls going well with your mum.

Maria xx

sue-bubbles said...

Ive been getting these this week, only I didnt open them - Im SO suspicious of everthing CC. I think if someone sends you an e-card genuinly, it will say their name in the email to tell you you have one - these didnt have any names! I know you wont be able to read this for a bit, but I hope you will be up and running again very soon! Big hugs to you CC!
Sue x