Thursday, 2 October 2008

My little sewing project

I am making a "Dilys Fronks Hex Etui" sewing box. It is the second one I have made using the same pattern, but this time I made it using some Cath Kidston fabric. It has been quite difficult actually as the fabric was so thick. I ordered some blue spot cotton fabric and it turned out to be cotton duck which is a bit thick for manageability in small areas, so I would only recommend this for advanced sewers! It is coming together now! You can use any thick card once you have used the pieces that come with the set, providing you draw around and make pattern pieces first! I used bookbinding glue this time as it does not mark fabric like PVA does over time, but still resorted to the glue gun for really tricky joins to be certain! You need lots of clothes pegs too to hold it in position until it dries! Two things I noticed today! One my eyesight is getting worse! I struggle to thread a needle without glasses now and two, my thumb joint is sometimes painful after I have been hand sewing a while! Oh the joys of middle age!!!!! I didn't think I was there yet! It is another long term project that is going to take several days!!!! I was going to play with my new Cosmo Cricket papers, but decided to finish this first!!!!

Appologies for the photographs, it was so sunny in the craft room this morning I had to shut the venetian blinds! TFLx

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