Friday, 17 October 2008


Here are some pictures of my completed photo cube, taking pride of place on my computer desk. This was a nice little project and could easily be made again using 5 squares of blank chipboard and a Cropadile.

Have been out shopping today to buy a dress!!! Meeting up with an old friend tomorrow night who I have not seen for years and you know how you have that last minute niggle that you have put on a good few pounds since you last met??!!! Got a nice dress in Purple and found myself buying Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon whilst I was there! You know how when you are queing for the till and they have all that kind of stuff to tempt you? Well it works with me!!! I don't often go out shopping now, so thought I might as well get it whilst I was there!!! I tend to do everything online these days!!! Anyway, it needed buying, so I got it! One less thing to worry about. Also managed to get DS2 some Russian Cossack type boots from ASDA in a size 8! Hope they are ok! The one's he wore last year for the dance festival, would not fit anywhere near when we got them out the other day!!! Just got to get some shoe dye and dye them red now! Thanks 'George!'
P.S. I decided to cover each photo on my cube with a piece of acetate to protect it, stuck down with four dots of Glossy accents. Was tricky to photograph with flash, so had to try without!TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

It's fab cc, and what a great idea to use the family year photos too, well done.

Maria (bubbles) x

sue-bubbles said...

Your photo cube is wonderful CC, you have inspired me to make a start on my own!
Sue x