Saturday, 18 October 2008

Shimelle album for September

Just caught up my September photo's for this class. This is the sixth month I have recorded this now, so am doing well to keep it going! half done! This month was tricky, as I was at the hairdressers getting my highlights done, so I decided t be brave and record that too! Quite brave for me I thought! The theme was reflrction this month. You had to catch a reflection in a mirror or shiny surface, so I have recorded myself in the hall mirror and the oven door! I also got a reflection of my living room in the mirror and in Jonathan's dance cups. The new printer I bought has got rid of the problem of ink rubbing off the images. last month's is looking worse, so I may ultimately have to reprint the photo's and redo the last two months eventually.

I listed some reflections in my journaling, to carry on the theme. You were invited to have two journaling blocks on this LO, so I used the top one to reflect on where we are now.

Busy day today. DS2 has his first day at the chocolate shop working today, last week was just a trial. We have an important meal date with friends from down south at tea time. I have not seen them for years, so it will be very interesting to catch up! Their daughter and my eldest son were best friends at playgroup and we parents hit it off straight away! It will be great to see them. Off to visit mum today and see how she is getting on. She gets her staples removed today, by the district nurse, so will try NOT to faint, or even better, not look!!!! TFLx

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Eisbärin said...

There is an award waiting for you on my blog... I love your blog and come here a lot for inspiration!

Love, Alex