Thursday, 2 October 2008

So what's in a name?

In my random blog rolling last night, which took me took Cosmo Cricket via the link on here to their ideas sheet for the QVC kit, I was reading up about them as a company. I knew they were a husband and wife team, but I did not know how the name Cosmo Cricket came about. A post on their site disclosed that they arrived at this name by making an anagram of their names using Intrigued by this, I decided to go and find out what random name they would come up with for my new company (should I ever get that far with my designs for stamps that I have in a sketch book!) So here goes, see what you think!

Containable grey (quite liking this one!!!!)

Botanical Energy!

A Crayon Beetling! (Like this one too! Have a logo in my head already!!!)

Others included -

A Gonna Celebrity
A Bygone Clarinet!!!!!!!!
Balance get irony
Angelica by tenor (quite fitting as my dad was a tenor!!!)
A cab gentle irony
A bacon tree lying
A tenable coy grin!
A bleating cry one
A begonia cry lent
A beating cry noel
A barge nicely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus another 6000 others!!!! Very interesting, don't you think????
I'll let you know when my new line of stamps are ready!!!!! Lol!

So what's your new company going to be called?????
Let me know which one you prefer for me!!!

This post was brought to you courtesy of Containable Grey©
or was it A Crayon Beetling!!!

(As I am about to published in Creativity ! Life's new mag you will be able to unravel my name anyway!!! The Scrapbook Apprentice approaches!)


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Think I like the first one 'Containable grey'

but then again I also liked 'Botanical Energy', as you always seem be flowing over with energy (ideas),
OH, I don't know

and Best of luck with 'The Scrapbook Apprentice'

Maria (bubbles)

sue-bubbles said...

A lot of mine came out quite rude lol! I think I like 'bacon tree lying' CC....let people figure that one out! I look forward to a sneak peak of your stamps!!!
Sue x