Sunday, 5 October 2008

Venice mini albums

This is the photo box I was mentioning the other day, which has been sitting on my bookcase since the Cybercrop earlier in the year, waiting for me to complete it! The albums inside however, were only 3 and 4 inches in size, so they were too small for my 7x5 prints! I decided to cut the sturdy box sides into 4 mini album covers and use my Bind-It-all to make two albums. It pained me to cut it, considering the hours and hours that went into its construction, however, I knew it would be used more! I cut up each paper hinge and removed the backing paper from the back of each section, so it would fit in the Bind-it-all. Any odd embellishments that were in the way were removed. Also, the 7 Gypsies handle needed to be re-sited. I then punched the binding holes in the side of each piece and cut 4 pieces of Bazill cardstock to back each one and punched holes in those too. I re-sited the 7Gypsies handle beofre I stuck the bazill to the chipboard covers with gluestick and DST for strength. Next, I cut pages from patterned paper. For the first album I used 7Gypsies Napoli papers in black and white, which were single sided, so I glued them back to back with gluestick. For the second album I used some Dream Street 'La Rue' papers which were double sided. I then went ahead and glued all my photographs down with DST. Using various embellishments, I trimmed each page with flowers, stickers, rub ons, buttons, cardstock stickers etc. I chose a 5/8 binding wire and put it together with BIA. One album I punched holes with my Big Bite and set some large eyelets for a ribbon closure on one album. Now I have an album to record the Gondola trip we took on our anniversary and the other album is favourite pictures of us during our stay in Venice. These are both personal mini albums for us to recall a sentimental trip. I still have enough photo's left to make a mini album of views of Venice for general perusal!! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW Caroline, it's FAB, I really like the way you have adapted your old box album. I agree it must have pained you to do it though, but what a great idea and use for it. At least it's not sitting collecting dust now, but can be looked at and admired, well done.

Anonymous said...

The albums are beautiful. Good use of the lovely box.Jackie worcs:-)

sue-bubbles said...

Beautiful albums CC, you made the right decision!
Sue x