Friday, 24 October 2008

What happened yesterday??

I promised to get back on here last night with some of my crafting projects from the day and guess what? I never got to craft!! Had a phonecall from mum to pop and do her big shop and take it over. Went straight from her's to the pub near work for tea with some of my work colleagues to celebrate getting to the end of a very long half term and when I got back, I just flopped! Did buy my materials for the dance costumes, but that is as far as it got!!

So far this morning, I have unpicked the side seams in a pair of pinstripe trousers to let them out for him, sewn them back together with a smaller seam allowance. Should give him just enough room to get through next weeks festival and I think he may change Song and Dance number by next may. Also, have cut out a vest top in turquoise Lycra for his 'Mamma Mia' costume and added two inches to the hem of his flares he wore last year!!! Not bad going beofre I've even had my Cornflakes! And all still in my dressing gown too! Barney needs a walk, so off to get dressed! Bought some more Christmas fabric yesterday for a couple more projects to start - so many ideas, so little time!!!

Look what dropped in my Inbox this morning!! Tomorrow is the 25th! Already!!! Does not feel like two minutes since we did the last one!!! So, putting camera on charge as we speak! The kids will duck when they see me photographing my breakfast!!! That's the cue for the groans!!! If you are joining in, Shimelle has a photo fact sheet on composition this month over on her blog (despite being on her honeymoon!) Composition this month.

Those fab Basic Grey 'Wassail' papers are appearing in a few online shops I noticed! Was seriously tempted last night, but so far, have resisted!!! I do still have lots of Christmas papers! Must try to get something made today. Want to make some homemade carrot soup too! Just fancy it on these windy autumn days!Here is a picture I took when walking the dog the other day! Thought these Fungi looked like little flowers on the forest floor! Catch up later! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

What a busy day you've had so far Caroline, good idea to adapt the clothes to last a bit longer, hope your mums doing OK.

Love the photo, so unusual,

Maria x

Anonymous said...

I too thought they looked like flowers - a lovely photo....Mgt.