Monday, 10 November 2008

Project 10 - A wrapping basket

Todays embellishment is made using two different journaling tags. The first one was mounted on card and then thedges inked. The second layer tag was already fancy around the edge. I cut a saying from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and inked the edges. I trimmed it with and American Crafts chipboard bird in green.

Project 10
At this time of year when I start buying all my goodies to wrap presents I always try and get them when I see them on 3 for 2! When I was in ASDA the otherday I got tags and ribbon and bows very reasonably and also Matalan and Wilkinsons! However, because I buy them in dribs and drabs and because I always keep any I had left over from last year, they are never all together in one place! Also, when you get started wrapping, you can never find the scissors or the sellotape anywhere! This year, I plan to be more organised. The elegant wrapping of my gifts for the family has becaome legendary! I try to find something new and unusual to make my gift giving better each time. last year I used some black wire edged ribbon from Matalan with flock wrapping paper and it went down a treat! This year I have my eye on some of these coloured sleigh bells to tie one on each parcel! I bought mine from the Pier when they had 30% off last week but saw some cheaper in Debenhams too! I have bought my own reel of sellotape and a dispenser from a cheap stationery shop and I have found a cheap pair of scissors from IKEA for cutting paper and a uniball black pen! I am set to go and theis basket is going to keep it all in one place!

You can cover any size cardboard box or, like me you can cut out pieces to make your own - this is more tricky!!!

You will need:
Organza bags/ boxes for tags etc
Clthes peg clamps!
Masking tape
Carboard box to cover or cardboard to make one
PVA glue
Double sided tape
Christmas papers
Cotton Tape or ribbon for handle

1. Decide on the size and shap of your basket, if you are making your own, and cut out the base, slightly bigger than you nedd, say 1cm bigger all around, and four sides exactly the right size. I made my sides shaped so the basket would slope out.2. To glue the edges to the base, run a generous layer or PVA along the edge of each side piece and join and press into postition on the base 1cm in from the edge, hold it until it begins to stick, then support it with scrap paper around the corners and hold in place with clothes pegs until it dries. Once it is supported, you can run an extrat line of PVA along bthe seams, both inside and outside the box for extra strength. Leave overnight to dry, then remove clothes pegs and scrap paper supports. Using a craft knife, trim away the extra 1cm around the bottom edge of the basket to it is flush with the sides.Apply a strip of masking tape along each seam on the outside to add strength. This will be covered by the paper later.3. If you are just covering a carboard box, start your instructions here. From now on it is a case of choosing your Christmas papers! We all seem to make a habit of stockpiling papers we love and don't want to use, so choose some you want to keep for yourself and get covering! I chose My Minds Eye papers and used one sheet of each design in a patchwork fashion. proceed as follows.

Cover the outside first. Place the end of the basket face down on the back of your chosen paper and draw around it leaving room to add a 1" border. Cut around this piece 1" from the pencil line. Using PVA apply the paper to the end and fold the spare around the corners and secure the top edge with clothes pegs. Repeat on all four sides. Because you have taken the outside papers over the top to the inside, it neatens the top edge. The paper on the inside can be trimmed level with the top. Don't forget to line the base.

4. Using your Cropadile and some large eyelets, make to holes, one either side in exactly the middle, so you can attach a ribbon or tape handle.

Fill it up with all your wrapping goddies and then you can grab it and go! No more looking for what you need. I put my gift tags into organza bags that I got my ribbon kits in, so I kepp them altogether too!
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx

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Awesome! I love what you have created. Very handy. Very lovely!