Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Project 11 - Christmas stocking

Today's embellishment is a large picture of Santa, cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper. This I mounted on a torn circle of backing paper, with inked edges. This was then mounted on a 7 Gypsies Newsflash journaling card. I trimmed the whole thing with a store advert to see Santa, cut from the same Vintage backing paper. A large embellishment but quite light.
Project 11

A Christmas stocking is a symbol of giving and receiving and often they are hung around the house for decoration. These two, made in contrasting fabrics were cheap and easy to make. Why not make one for your pet!!!

You will need:

Sewing Thread
One sheet of A3 paper or newspaper for the pattern
Sewing machine
Christmas fabric


1. Draw a large stocking shape on the A3 paper, make sure it is wide and the curves are not to tight to sew around. You could use a saucer to draw around or Google a stocking template, print it and enlarge it. Whatever you decide, add a small amount for seams around the edge. Pin the paper pattern on double thickness of fabric and cut out. You will need 2 in red and 2 in green. Cut the top 5 inches off each stocking and swap them over. Put a green top on the red stocking and vice versa. pin and stitch them together along the cut edge. Neaten with zig zag stitch and press with a hot iron.2. From spare scrap fabric cut two heel shapes, in both fabrics. Stitch a contrasting heel shape in place on each stocking through one layer only. Once complete we are ready to pin the two sides of the stockings together, with the right sides inside.3. To do this, lay one stocking shape face up on the table and cover with a matching stocking shape face down. Pin all around the edge leaving the top open. carefully stitch with straight stitch on the sewing machine, taking each pin out before you reach it. Once sewn, neaten all the edges with zig zag stitch.

4. To make smooth curves, it is important to now clip towards the stitching line, WITHOUT cutting the straight stitches. Turn the stocking right side out and press with an iron.5. To neaten the top edge, with the stocking inside out, turn a double hem over and stitch with straight stitch, trapping a loop of ribbon at the centre back. Turn right side out and press.

Your stocking is now complete. You can now make up the other one!

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


sue-bubbles said...

Another wonderful project CC! You will have me blowing the dust off my sewing machine one way or another lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Another fab project cc, am keeping all the details together until I get a little more time, but please keep them coming, they are great.

Thank you so much for doing them, cannot wait for tomorrows.