Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Project 12 - Christmas Shortbread

Today's embellishment is based on a small amount of journaling page, torn from a spiral notebook. This was mounted on thick card to add strength. The embellishment is advert is cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and a silver frame rub-on was added over the top. The two pieces were layere together and inked around the edge. For decoration, I used a Daisy D's roller rub on or stitching across the top corner and added a button that had been stitched with embroidery thread. Project 12

This project was based on a similar idea I saw in a 'Christmas crafts' magazine.

You always see lots of Shortbread around at Christmas time, I'm not sure why!!! Anyway, this is a gift idea or something to do with the kids leading up to Christmas. I have two cutters, a Gingerbread man and a Christmas tree, but I never make gingerbread, because although I love the smell, I don't like to eat it! So I make shortbread men! I had been looking for some more Christmas shape cutters and also was going to order an alterable paint pot from a craft shop, but the I came across this set in Paperchase!! Perfect! I have put the template for the label and my mums shortbread recipe on a download! Just double the recipe to make lots! Enjoy!

You will need:
Adhesive gems
Printed label
Alterable Paint pot (some available here no connection)
Cookie cutters
Christmas papers
Double sided tape
Ink pad
Scallop punches in two sizes
Cropadile and fancy eyelet

1. Measure around the paint pot to work out the size for the scenery backing papers.
2. Cut some backing paper to this size, using decorative scissors to add texture. One sheet of backing paper was not wide enough, cut several hills in different papers and different heights. (I used Rhonna Farrer Autumn Leaves papers and made the tree design the centrepiece of my scenery. If you have different papers, you could cut out some tree shapes.)
Using a compass, draw a circle of backing paper to fit the lid. Cut out. Ink the edges of the circle and the hills if required.

3. Using a piece of double sided tape, run a strip along the bottom edge of each backing paper shape and overlap them around the base of the paint pot, keeping the lower edge straight and close to the bottom rim. Highlight the tree with some adhesive gems.4. Apply a second strip of double sided tape on top of the backing papers, along the lower edge of the paint tub. Thread a small button buckle on to a length of ribbon and then stick ribbon on to the double sided tape, making sure to add extra tape to secure the overlap.

5. To decorate the lid, punch out two contrasting papers using the two scallop punches. Ink the edges and mount on the lid using gluestick. Arrange a circle of buttons and glue in place using Silicone glue. Choose a large feature button for the centre and a second glitter button to place on top. I used Foof-a-la buttons in the matching Rhonna Farrer Christmas colours.
6. For the label download the template for the cookie jar label here .
Print it off (and the recipe which is on the same page.) Mount label on to white card for strength using a gluestick. Cut out with scallop edge scissors and ink around the edges. Punch a hole using a Cropadile and set a fancy eyelet. Thread some ribbon through to attach the label to the handle of the paint pot.
NOTE: If the label does not print, you may not have the "Frosty" font. You can download it from the internet and save it in your fonts folder.7. Cut out the recipe sheet with fancy scissors and fold up carefully to fit in the pot. Tie this with ribbon to keep it folded and for decoration. Place inside pot with the cutters.
8. Select one cutter to use as a decoration. Tie it on to the handle of the pot using more decorative ribbon.
Your gift is now ready to give!
In the magazine article, the dry ingredients were included in the tub and the recipient just had to add butter, but it's up to you!
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Hiya Caroline, thanks again for a super project, am just downloading info now, thanks
Maria x

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely project CC. Looking forward to the blackboard one 2moro.Keep up the good work!
Jackie worcs:-)

sue-bubbles said...

I hadnt thought to decorate these tins with papers - thats a fab idea CC! BTW Im not so keen on the taste of ginger either so I replace the ground ginger with cinnamon...that works really well!
Thank you for another fabby project!
Sue x