Friday, 14 November 2008

Project 14 - Dog advent calendar

Todays embellishment is made from a 7 Gypsies Happiness journaling card , mounted on a small piece of backing paper. A Christmas greeting cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and trimmed with some Bazzill ribbon and a crochet flower. Project 14
You will need:
Cropadile and large eyelet
Extra Thick Vilene interfacing or thick card
Sewing machine
Number 24
24 bone shaped dog biscuits
Red felt 30cm cut from a wide roll
Christmas fabric
Small amount of contrast fabric
4m Christmas Ribbon
Templates are here, here, here and here right click on picture and "save as" into your own folder on your computer, then print off each picture at A4 size. The upper front and lower front need sticking together, overlapping carefully to line up the pockets. 1. Print off the templates at A4 and cut out. Overlap the two front templates carefully lining up the pockets and stick together to make the front of the house. Using this template, cut 2 house shapes in fabric and one in wadding. Lay the wadding layer on the table, then one house shape right side up and the next house shap right side of fabric downwards. Pin around the edge and stitch together, leaving the lower edge open. Trim the points carefully, then turn right side out and press with steam iron.2. Using the roof template lay against a fold of newspaper and cut out to produce a full length paper pattern. Using felt folded double and a layer of thick Vilene interfacing inbetween, cut out the roof pieces around the paper template. Place the Vilene between the two felt layers, pin and carefully stitch through all 3 layers around the edge. Go slowly around the curves.
3. Cut out pockets in contrast fabric. Turn in a narrow hem on each of the pocket pieces. Pin in position on the front and stitch in place through all layers. Stitch divisions in the longer pockets as in the photo.
4. Cut two doors in felt and 1 in Vilene. Stitch around the edges sandwiching the vilene in the middle. Stitch vertical line on the door. Pin onto the front of the house and stitch the sides and bottom. Leave the curved edge open to receive a larger Bonio biscuit for Christmas eve. Stitch a button in place as a door handle and glue on a chipboard 24 using silicone glue.
5. Cut Christmas ribbon into equal lengths, long enough to tie a knot around your chosen bone shape biscuit. Mine were Micro Bonios from 'The Range.' You need 14 pieces, two under the lower windows as windowsills and 6 down each roof panel. Lay strips of ribbon vertical and stitch horizontally across each one.

6. Line up the roof along the top of the houes and pin through all layers. Stitch the two together making sure you go over the centre of the ribbons and that you are sewing through the under layer of the house fabric.7. Turn in the raw edges on the base of the house and hand sew or machine to neaten.

8. To complete, make hole using the Cropadile and set a large eyelet in the apex of the roof. Using some gingham ribbon, ties a loop through the eyelet and knot at the top to make a secure hanging. Now it's time to fill it with your chosen bone treats!!! Enjoy this gift little doggies!!
Postcript! I made this and hung it on the wall in the craft rrom to photograph. later on that evening, I could hear the dog whining! He was sitting in the dark, in the craft room, below the advent calendar!!! Awwwwwwww! I just had to give him a biscuit! Since then have had to hide it in the wardrobe!!!!! LOL!! Be Warned!!! I accept no responsibility for wrecked walls! Lol!!

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx
Update! Just found more of my construction photo's! Added them!


sue-bubbles said...

This is a fabulous project CC, so unique and perfect for the doggy owner. Maybe I could adjust it for my kitties little fish shaped sweeties...although I suspect they would tear it to bits in the night!
Sue x

voodoo vixen said...

Aaaaw, love this little doggy bone house - perfect doggy gift! Had to smile at your dog sitting whining beneath it!! :)