Saturday, 15 November 2008

Project 15 - Christmas mini album!

Today's embellishment is a Bazzill chips, chipboard swirl which was inked with an olive green chalk eye ink pad. A candy cane was cut from Vintage Christmas backing paper and inked around the edges. A felt flower, trimmed with a jewel flower and this one is quickly done!

Project 15
1. Choose some Christmas backing papers that tone, and cut them in half using a guillotine and then in half again, to get 6 inch squares. Punch one set of holes, using the BIA, by locating the centre of the pages and lining that mid point up with the centre line on the BIA. You could use a Cropadile and bookrings if you don't have a BIA.

2. To decorate the front cover, cut out a Christmas tree shape from card as a template. Prepare a piece of contrast Christmas fabric, by ironing bondaweb or wundaweb on the reverse side. Lay the tree shape template on the fabric and cut out. Peel the backing paper of the reverse side and iron onto the centre of the fabric that is to be used to cover the front piece of mountboard. You can stitch around the tree shape using a zig, zag stitch on the sewing machine or hand embroider using embroidery thread, to secure it in place. The back cover is just plain fabric.
3. Using either some prepared Zutter 6" covers or some mountboard cut to size, make two covers, by punching holes in the centre of them, using the BIA, then covering the mountboard back and front with a christmas fabric of your choice, attach fabric using double sided tape with glue stick in the centre. Then locate the punched holes and re-punch through the fabric layer this time. TIP: It is important to do this two step process, otherwise you might break your BIA machine. Don't forget to empty the punch ous, from the side of your BIA regularly to make the punching process easier. Don't decorate with buttons until the holes have been punched, otherwise the cover wont fit in the BIA slot!!!!! (Experience tells me!!!)

4. Decorate the front by adding embellishments of buttons and a wooden heart stuck on with silicone glue. Allow to dry.
5. Using the Cropadile, punch holes in the covers and set a large eyelet in the front and back for the ties. Select a Christmas ribbon and knot a length through both eyelets, with enough to tie a bow fastening.
6. Apply cardstock letters to the front with whatever title you wish, mine was Holidays! You could put Christmas! This could just be a photo album if you wanted!
7. Assemble with a BIA wire, I used 5/8" in brown. Trim the wire with knotted ribbons for a festive feel and a felt heart (cut from my felt Christmas placemat I bought from Paperchase!)

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

COOL, another great project cc, sorry I've seemed to have lost a few days.

Maria x

sue-bubbles said...

A gorgeous mini-book! CC...Im sure there is a little room on your blog for the saga of 'the cake' - poem and photos please lol!
Sue x