Monday, 17 November 2008

Project 17 - Candle jars

Today's project is a way of recycling those glass yoghurt pots into tea light holders for the festive season!
Today's embellishment is a chipboard tag, which has been inked using a warm red chalk eye ink pad. A green gromlet was added using a Big Bite. A 'season's greeting' was cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper, inked and mounted on a piece of spotted backing paper. This was added using Silicone glue to add depth. The tag was trmmed with a knot of green ribbon.
Project 17
You will need:
Tea lights
Glass yoghurt jars
'Zip dry'/Glossy accents clear glue to stick acetate to glass
Green Staz-on or Brilliance Ink pad
Christmas greeting clear stamp
Adhesive gems
Holly mini punch
Silicone glue
Wire thin and thick

1. Get some buttons and some florist wire and begin threading the wire in andout of the button's holes as if you were sewing the buttons.

2. Space some of the buttons apart and tie short knots of ribbon inbetween some of them, spacing randomly.
3. Using a brilliance ink pad or Stazon ink pad that stamps on glass, ink up a clear stamp without mounting it on any block, so that it is flexible and will stamp around a curve. Ink the top edge of the jar using the ink pad. Leave to dry.Be careful not to slip and smudge and leave it to dry completely!!! If you do smudge, you can wipe it off using Stazon cleaner. Wash and dry the jar and start again!
4. Using a small holly X-cut punch, punch some leaves out of dark green Christmas paper scraps. Put to one side until later.
5. When the buttons on the wire are long enough to reach around the neck of the jar, apply a couple of small dots of silicone glue on some of the buttons, tie around the neck of the jar and twist the wires to secure. Make a plain handle using some thicker wire curved and looped under the fine wire at each side.

6.For the second candle jar I tried a different trchnique. First stamp your greeting using the Brilliance ink, on to acetate and cut around it, close to the edge.
7. Knot some string around the jar in a cris cross pateern, securing each knot with some silicone glue. Tie two layers around the neck, trim and secure with more silicone glue.
8. Using the 'Zip Dry' or any glue designed to stick acetate and remain completely clear, glue the greeting to the glass and secure with elastic bands until it completely dry.
9. For a handle, Use some thicker wire and thread buttons on using just one hole in each until you have a long enough length to reach to the other side in a curve. Make two loops, one in either end, using fine nosed pliers and hook under the string on the top of the jar, to secure.

You now have two tea light holders! Fill with a Christmas scented nightlight and add a lovely ambience to any room! Mine have been burning here on my desk as I type this post! Cinnamon and apple (Courtesy of IKEA!)
Remeber to turn the handles away from the flame to light!!!! Disclaimer - Please be candle safe! never leave a candle burning unattended. Always tip the handle away from the burning flame. make sure all ribbons and buttons are out of direct contact with the heat. Keep away from children Use candles wisely!


sue-bubbles said...

Todays project is so lovely - definitely on my to-do list....which I will clip to my clipboard from day one if I ever finish it he he! Tomorrows is a 'must-do' too - I have the kitty treats at the ready!
Thank you CC!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

A lovely project cc, well done, yet another one to add to my 'to do' list.

Maria xx