Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Project 18 - Kitty Treats

For those of you with 'Puddy Tats' instead of doggies, here are a few treats for our feline friends! Today's embellishment is a Tim Holtz grungeboard keyhole, inked with a dark brown ink pad. This was attached to a hessian gilt circle (also inked) and then a scallop shape punched from vintage lined paper (also inked) with two small brown brads. The small picture was cut from the vintage Christmas backing paper.

Project 18

As some of you already know, it has been my job to make cat and dog christmas pressies for our school fair every year and this year is no exception! I have done the jars before and the kitty and dog crackers and dog Christmas cards with a bone attached! Gift boxes from washing powder tablets and even baked my own heart shaped dog biscuits!!!!! This year, the little acetate fishes are our new line!!!!! I have included the others too for those who want to have a go!
You will need:

Sewing machine - for fish shape
Christmas backing paper
Cat treats
Crepe paper
Curling ribbon
Kitty Wrapping Paper (Matalan)
Toilet roll tubes for cracker
Glass yoghurt/jam jars - (Activia etc)
Adhesive gems
Silicone glue

1.Download the fish template above and cut it out of scrap paper. Lay one piece of acetate on top of a sheet of backing paper and then position the fish template on the top. Cut through both layers in a rectangle about 1cm bigger than the fish all they way around. This makes it easier to turn under the sewing machine.

2. Stitch through both layers, with the sewing machine, around the outside of the fish template, you can hold the fish template still with repositionable tape if you want or you could draw around it with and OHP pen that rubs off. Leave the tail end open.

3. Remove from the sewing machine and carefully remove the fish template to use again. Cut around the fish shape about 0.5cm away from the stitching. Using some cat treats, fill the fish shape between the acetate and the backing paper layer, use a pokey tool carefully to even them out. Leave a gap at the tail end and don't fill too full or you will not be able to get it back under the sewing machine to stitch up the tail edges!

4. Using a cropadile, puch a hole through the top of the fish to thread a hanging ribbon. Make the hole slightly nearer the tail end as this part is heavier and it will then hang level. Thread the ribbon through.

5. To decorate, add a gemstone for the eye, using silcone glue and tie a contrast ribbon around the tail. Tie with a bow. Time to hang on the tree!!!!! Just hope kitty doesn't take a shine to the tree!!!

Kitty Crackers

Use the method for making crackers (without snaps!) shown here in an earlier post. This time cut a piece of crepe paper, using pinking shears and a piece of kitty wrapping paper.Select your toys for the inside of the cracker. I used a card bag for the cat treats, making sure they fit inside the toilet roll tube and tied them with curling ribbon.

Make some tags using some cute kitty pictures! I traced these from Issue 33 of Papercrafts magazine - there was a template! I used watercolour pencils and a waterbrush to decorate them. Attach to your gifts to write your individual message!!!For those of you who found the Doggy advent calendar too complicated or just need several doggy type gifts, here are a few more of my recyling ideas!!!! I used empty Nutella jars for the Doggy snack pots! Filling them with a selection of dog treats from The Range. If you buy them loose and weigh them they are cheaper and you don't need the packaging!!I used a selection of wheat biscuits for dogs - (look like rich teas to me!!!!), Mini Bonio biscuits, Good Boy chocolate chip cookies and chocolate drops!!!! All of Barney's favourites!!! I cut a circle of doggy wrapping paper for the lid and held it on with an elastic band. I added curling ribbon, a gift tag cartoon as above and a lable that said Doggy snack pot! (Just to avoid human consumption!!!!!!) Those rich tea biscuits look real!!! lol!Ready to go down a storm at the school fayre!

Other recycled packs include A doggy snack pack - made from the plastic handbags that my "Foof-a-la" buttons came in!!!! Trimmed with a paper offcut and a ribbon bow.And some tubes of cadburys buttons and dairy milk chunks that I bought to fill the boys advent calendar with!!! Have covered them with doggy wrapping paper and added a parcel bow on the top!

Finally, if your dog is like my dog and appears every time you have a cup of tea and a biscuit, why not make it tea for 2? By giving him a couple of biscuits of his own!!!! I made a little fabric bag, from an offcut of Christmas fabric cut out with pinking shears and sewn around three sides. Pop in two biscuits and tie the top with a piece of ribbon. Attach a luggage label with the title "T 4 2" Make sure you write on the back "Not for human consumption!!!!"

All these pampered pooches!!! I think it's great to have something the children can buy cheaply for their pets at Christmas. I donate all the dog and cat biscuits myself and collect all the packaging to recycle and keep my eye out for that cat and dog paper. This year it was "glossy" paper from Matalan on 3 for 2 so I did a great spot! All in a good cause! Hope your kittys enjoy too! making some more with card club tomorrow!

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


Anonymous said...

Cute cat projects. Think I might have to get DD2 to help make one for our Kitty.Jackie worcs :-)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Lovely projects cc for cats and dogs lovers...

...any idea for gifts for tortoises, lol.

Maria x