Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Project 19 - A card keeper

Whether you want to make one of these to keep spare cards close to hand, for thos people we always miss off our Christmas list and must send to at the last moment, OR whether you want a place to keep special cards from a loved one to treasure each year, this box could be the perfect thing!
Today's embellishment is half of a Jenni Bowlin journalling tag, inked and decorated with a picture cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper. This was trimmed with a chipboard scroll and a button and then some holly leaves punched using a small x cut puch with gems as the berries. More Daisy d's roll on rub ons along the edge.
Project 19
I actually bought my box last week in one of those discounted book shops where everyhting is half price or less and saw it's potential immediately! A sturdy box for £2.99 and it came with a dozen cards and envelopes that I can usee as card blanks and recover in my own designs!! Got to be a bargain! You could however use any sturdy box and just recover it. You can just cover the box how you want to but this is how I did it! You could use fabric and glue it with bookbinding glue instead.
You will need:
Dark brown ink pad
Card keeper box (Discount shop find)
Card for dividers
Christmas backing paper (I used Magenta papers)
PVA glue
1. Empty the box and work out how you want the designs to sit on t box by arranging your papers carefully. I had two pages of patterned paper, for the front, back and top and a page of co-ordinating plain for the sides and bottom. A page of lighter paper for inside the lid and pieces of four toning papers to cover the dividers.
2. Remove the front fastening to the box if possible and then paste the PVA all over the front. Lay the front of the box face down onto the back of your required designed paper making sure you have positioned it correctly. Smoothe the paper into position by pressing hard down on the box on the table, then picking it up and smoothing it by hand carefully. Trim the paper at each side leaving a cm to fold around each corner, but smoothe the paper on to thetop of the lid if possible all in one piece, then trim along the back edge. Don't worry that the bok is glued shut at the moment. When the paper is dry you can cut along the opening carefully, using a craft knife.
3. Coat the back with PVA and cover with a piece of matching paper, lining up the design carefully. Again trim leaving a cm overlap to the sides.
4. Now it's time to glue the overlaps down at the side, carefully trim and fold the corners, like a parcel and glue them down. Draw around the end panel of the box on the contrast aper and cut two pieces out exactly the right size to cover evrything up. Glue them in position with PVA to neaten each end. Tip: If your paper is wrinkling with too much glue, use a hair dryer, not a heat gun (too hot), on a medium setting to speed up the drying process and remove them.
5. Using a dark brown ink pad. go around the whole box inking every edge and make sure all cut white edges are covered as well as folded edges. This makes the box look old and worn.
6. Replace the catch/fastening.
7. Draw around the top of the box on a sheet of paper, to get the size for the lining of the lid. Cut just instide the pencil lines and try it for fit. Trim if necessary, then glue in position with double sided tape. I also trimmed the inside of the lid with self adhesive paper lace trim. You can line the sides too if you wish.
8. Using the card dividers that came ith the box, cover each one with backing paper using double sided tape and gluestick in the usual way. Ink all the edges. If the box has no dividers, these can be made using cardstock, by drawing around the box as it is laid on it's back and cuting just inside the pencil lines.
I think it almost looks vintage and wooden! It could make a nice present if you covered it in everyday papers and maybe made a few cards to give inside. There could be a divider for each month! At £2.99 a go for each box including the card blanks, I think it is a very reasonably priced gift and useful too!!!
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx

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