Sunday, 2 November 2008

Project 2 - Mini list clipboard

Day 2 embellishment - A small rectangle of heavy acetate, from some packaging. A small picture of Santa's sleich and an advertising label cut from the same backing paper as yesterday. Glue the santa picture to the back of the acetate using Glossy Accents. Back the advert label on some card and ink the edges. To trim, add a small bulldog clip trimmed with a knotted ribbon. Mount onto the acetate using a large, strong foam pad. Project 2.
Everyone makes lists at this time of year! Loads of them and promptly loses them! Here is a project to keep those all important lists in one place!!! I used a pre-made bingo clipboard from The Range for 99p, but you could use blank chipboard with a funky bulldog clip if you have not got one! If you have Mum, Nan or Grandma who likes bingo, this could be a super Christmas gift idea!

You will need;
Bingo clipboard
Christmas papers of your choice (I used Cosmo Cricket Be Good papers)
Double sided tape
Chalk eye ink pad - brown
Cropadile/Big bite
Luggage label/die cut tag
Die cut tabs

1. Using the chalk eye ink pad, ink the clipboard around the top edges where the clip is, to disguise the blank wood. This saves cutting and piecing papers around the clip.

Draw around your clipboard shape onto the Christmas paper and cut out two pieces, one for the front and one for the back.

2. Using double sided tape, apply along all four edges on the front and then using the gluestick, glue over the central area. Apply one of your Christmas paper pieces, turn over and trim close to the edge using a craft knife. Complete this same process on the back of the clipboard too. Ink all the edges using your ink pad.3. Using a sheet of die cuts, take two tabs, use one, fold in half and glue to top edge of clipboard, then clip using eyelets and a Cropadile, this ensures they will stay in place. Do one each side. using your Cropadile and large eyelets, punch the centre of each tab.4. Carefully punch a hole through a cheap pencil, using your big bite. Be careful as this could break your Big Bite if you are too rough! Proceed with caution!!!! Tie the pencil with string and attach to one of the eyelts.

5. Use a die cut tag, write on "Don't forget" using your gold pen and attach with string to the eyelet on the other side. I also decided to add the words "Don't lose!" to the other side of the tag, or " If found please return to the kitchen!" so that I can keep track of my important lists!!!!

Hope you enjoyed todays project, happy crafting! TFLx Join me again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Love the clipboard project. My sis and I are going to make something similar in a couple of weeks on our craft evening.So will use your ideas.Thanks Jackie worcs :-)

sue-bubbles said...

I love this project CC and will have a go...if only I could find my little clipboard - its here somewhere!!!
Sue x

Vicky said...

Fab clipboard idea Caroline. I almost bought a naked clipboard from the craft fair I went to yesterday for £3.99 so am glad I didn't I will be heading on down to my Range for one of these! Hope you don't mind if I give your idea a whirl?!
Vicky x

a little bit of me........ said...

another fab idea CC its given me an idea thanks i'll keep you posted!!