Thursday, 20 November 2008

Project 21 - Sweetie blooms!

Instead of a boring selection box with all that wasted packaging, why not give a vase of sweetie blooms!! This was an idea that came from seeing my mums bouquet that she got after her operation, one of those hand tied ones, that came in a bag of water, but it had a cardboard vase to stand it in! Also, I had seen something on the internet (somewhere! can't find it now!) using sweets in an arrangement, so this is my own version! It cost me £2.15 at my local sweetie shop hand picking the sweets that were suitable! Great fun! All the old favourites are still there, like Highland toffee and a finger of fudge! You could even use this as your table centre on Christmas day and let everyone dig in after lunch!!! Wrap it in cellophane and tie it with curling ribbon if you are giving it as a gift! Bound to impress for very little spend!!

Todays embellishment is a small piece of acrylic with a christmas greeting stuck behind it using Glossy Accents. The front of the acrylic has been trimmed with adhesive gems and a tiny clothes peg.
Project 21

You will need:
1 Sheet of tissue paper
Large scallop punch
A pot/mug or jam jar
One sheet Bazzill cardstock for vase
Kebab sticks
Chipboard flowers
Silicone glue
Christmas backing paper
PVA Glue

1. Using the sheet of bazzill cardstock, find the centre and draw a square 4 and a half inches diameter right in the middle. Find the centre of each edge and then mark a point one and half inches either side of this point. Cut from these ponits down to the corner of your square on two sides of your cardboard. (Like the top and bottom of this card in the photograph. On the other two sides, you need to leave and extra half an inch as a glue flap, so score from your maerk down to the corner of the square base, then score another line half an inch outside this and cut along here. When you reach the centre turn and cut inwards towards the point of your base forming a little v shape as in the photograph above. keep the pieces you cut off.

2. From the card offcuts you need to make some edges for your vase. Cut a cupcake shape with the widest point 3" and then round off the top using something circular to draw around. I used my reel of tape! CRease along the widest point where it is 3". See photograph below.Using a large scallop punch, cut four circles 3" diameter from a Christmas backing paper, crease and fold in half.

3. Apply PVA glue to the lower part of the cupcake shapes (Not the rounded end) and glue on the inside of your vase, so the rounded end will bend to the outside. Repeat with all the cupcake shapes.4. Score all your fold lines around the bottom of the base of the vase, apply glue to the side flaps and glue the vase together using PVA, hold with clothes pegs until dry.5. Glue the scallop circles to the top of the vase to form a frilled edge. Apply glue to one half only and glue to the inside of the vase. You should now have a sloping sided vase with a frilled top edge. This should be quite sturdy, the sloping sides stop it falling over with the weight of the sweets.6. Prepare the flowers. Press out some die cut chipboard flowers, apply some silicone glue to the back and put a kebab skewer in the glue as a stem. Leave to dry until completely st. If you dont have chipboard flowers, you could stamp a large flower on backing paper and cut out and glue a button on as a centre, like I did here in this photo on a previous project.

7. I put a jam jar in the box to add weight, so it was more stable, but I realise this may not be safe if you are giving it to a young child, so you may wish to use large lumps of plasticene in the base instead. Mine is for grown ups! Big kids at heart! So, line the box with a large piece of tissue, by pushing it in the base and sitting the jam jar on top - mine was a wide necked jam jar to get all my sweeties in! Arrange your sweets with the tall ones at the back and use extra tissue to secure them from falling over if necessary.

8. Lollie blooms: To add a frill to the lollies, like a flower, puch out an extra scallop circle for each lollie, using the same 3" punch as before. Make a hole in the centre with a cropadile for the stick. Cut from one edge up to the centre hole, so you can make the flat shape into a 3D cone shape by overlapping about a quarter of the circle and gluing it using PVA. Hold in place with clothes pegs until dry. Once dry you can thread the lolly into the cone shape and you get an instand flower with a stem. Add these to the front of your arrangement.

9. Using the chipboard flowers on kebab sticks, add these here and there to your arrangement to fill any gaps, cutting the sticks long or short as required. All you need to do now is add your gift tag!A professional bouquet worthy of any florist! Lol! ©cannycrafter

Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx


Fifecat said...

Brilliant idea, thanks for sharing your projects with us!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW cc, another fab project to add to my 'to do' list.

I love is, it so different, thanks.

Maria x

sue-bubbles said...

Ive just thought of the perfect person who would love this as a gift! She's 'organic only' so lots of Green & Blacks coming up!
Thank you for the inspiration CC!
Sue x