Saturday, 22 November 2008

Project 22 - Noel mini album

A mini chipboard album with added fabric letters.
Today's embellishment is based on a Heidi Swapp mirror, which was glued to some backing paper and then torn all away around the edge. ths was then inked. A Christmas saying, cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper was stuck to the front of the mirror using Silicone Glue, along with a couple of prima paper printed flowers and a button.
Project 22 - Noel mini book
You will need:
Computer letters for "Noel"
Sewing Machine
Vilene interfacing or Bondaweb
Double sided tape
Book rings or BIA and wire
Chipboard mini album (homemade)
Assorted fabric offcuts
Silicone glue
Christmas backing paper
1. Cut out a mini album from chipboard with stepped pages.
Cover the pages on both sides using Christmas backing papers - I used Cosmo Cricket "Be good" papers. Ink all the edges with a dark brown ink pad. use the method as before with double sided tape and gluestick in the centre.
2. Using a BIA machine, punch holes in the spine of every page, making sure they line up.
3. Using the computer, choose a font and print off the letters for NOEL in the size you want for each page. Cut them out. Iron some Vilene on the back of some fabric offcuts. Place the offcuts, wrong sodes together and pin the letter on the top.
4. using the sewing machine on a zig zag satin stitch, quite close together, stitch around the outside of the letters, through both layers.Once you have stitched around the letter carefully un-pin and remove the paper letters.Cut each letter out close to the zig zag stitching, being carefull not to cut into the stitches. Press with a hot iron.
5. using silicone glue, glue each fabric letter to the dge of each page, so that they overlap and some of the letter hangs over the edge of the page.

6. Trim the wire binding with ribbons and add a felt star, cut from the place mat as used before.
This makes a great album for photo's of the big day, with some space for journaling too.
Drop by tomorrow for another craft project. Happy Crafting! TFLx

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