Monday, 24 November 2008

Project 24 - A nativity Stable

Can you believe it's the end of our Christmas countdown projects!!?? What better way to end on Christmas eve on our advent calendar than with a wooden stable for the nativity. I bought a resin nativity set a few years ago, but it had no stable and I have been meaning to make one ever since. When I saw this fruit tray at the supermarket in France, Yes, that's right, I brought it back from France!!!! (Well, my sister did actually!!!) I had a little project like this in mind! Now my set has a lovely home for Christmas!
Today's embellishment is perfect for Christmas eve! A menu card cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper with Christmas dinner on it! I inked the edges and mounted it on a square journaling block. i then trimmed the corner with a deep red silk flower and a flower button for the centre. I hope you have enjoyed counting down my advent calendar with me!

Project 24

You will need:
Pearly Doodles
Paint daubers
Staple gun
Hot melt glue gun
Christmas paper
Wooden fruit box
1. Carefully remove the base of the wooden fruit box, by removing the staples using pliers.
2. Mark a line using pencil, about 8 inches down one side and saw through the wood. Turn over to the other side and do the same.
3. Cut off the other end panel, keeping it intact and save the pieces from the side panels you are discarding. These will become the back panel. Save some of the slats from the base as extras.
4. The end you cut of first with the sides attached will now become your stable. Stand it up and staple it to the other end panel which will be your base. Make a back panel using the spare wood from the side panels of the box, together with the slats from your base. Staple it together using the staple gun and the hot melt glue gun.
5. Using a chipboard star, paint it yellow with an acrylic paint dauber. Dot around the outside edge with gold pearly doodles. leave to dry.
6. Choose one sheet of double sided backing paper with a yellowish tone for the straw. I used a Basic Grey Fruitcake. Cut some narrow strips about 6" length and using your craft knife, cut it into thin strips leaving one end intact. Curl the loose ends around using the scissor blade as you would do curling ribbon.
7. Cut a piece of the backing paper to fit inside the base of the stable. Glue in position using the hot melt glue gun. Stick some curls of paper here and there across the base, using random dabs of glue.
8. To make the roof, use two pieces of left over wood and hot melt glue them across the top of the stable, crossing over in the centre. Secure with more hot glue. Stick the star at the crossover point using hot glue.
9. Cut a narrow strip of backing paper and edge with a border punch. Glue to the front of the base of the stable, to form a decorative edge.
10. Arrange your nativity figures inside and outside the stable. I even put my angel on the roof!

What a fitting end project to my countdown to Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed the projects and will make some leading up to Christmas. Back to normal everyday life posts, with odd Christmas projects in between! Happy crafting! TFLx


weewiccababe said...

well done you - you must be exhausted after all those projects and blogging so diligently every day.
have a very Merry Xmas Caroline


Beejay said...

Have really enjoyed your Christmas countdown projects. Haven't actually made any yet LOL but have popped by every morning.

cannycrafter said...

Thank you ladies! It has been hard work, but I have enjoyed it! I blog everyday anyway and post my crafty ideas, so carry on dropping by and saying hi! Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed the projects CC. I have a few of them planned to do during the xmas hols. Its been great to check your blog wondering what project will appear!
Many thanks Jackie worcs :-)

sue-bubbles said...

Congratulations on a wonderful finale CC to your terrific month of projects!!! I can only imagine all the hard work that has gone into it, and Ive told you before and I'll tell you again - you are a STAR!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

WOW Caroline, what a great project to end on, well done it's lovely.

Have totally enjoyed looking, reading and taking notes of all the past 24 days, thank you so much for all your hard work.

Merry Christmas, lol.

Maria x

Anonymous said...

Great work Caroline these last few weeks.
I will DEFFINITELY be doing the Menu Card. THAT I have got time for. Mgt.x