Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Project 25 - Table place names

Here are a few ideas that never made it to my Christmas countdown! Some ideas for treats on the Christmas table. This one is a tree shaped place name for each setting. I made a tre shape using tearing of three layers of backing papers, exposing the white edge. 9Inked the outside edge of course!!) I added adhesive gems to embellish the tree and a ribbon on the top. The persons name was added using some musical score backing paper. I glued the tree to a chopstick using hot melt glue and added a curved piece of brown paper as a trunk. This tree was then anchored in a glass yoghurt pot filled with Haribo sweets!!! I wrapped the glass pot in cellophane with snowflaes on it over the top of some glitter tissue paper and secured it all with curling ribbon.

If you don't do place names, just fill the glass pot with jelly sweets and wrap in tissue and cellophane as party favors!
My third idea is using a tiny metal bucket from Hobbycraft. I punched holes in the metal using my Cropadile and then threaded red ribbon over the top edge, binding it all the way around. I filled this with some mini candy canes wrapped in cellophane, bought for the tree. A nice little treat to decorate the childrens places at the table! Rounded off my week with a rubbish day at work today, things can only get better!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow is another (better) day! Need to get my camera fixed somehow! Or these posts will be short! TFLx

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