Sunday, 30 November 2008

Project 27 - Christmas card from the dog!

Barney has had his annual photo shoot for his Christmas card! We have done this for a few years and worn things from antler headbands to last years santa hat. This year I saw a bandana in The Range with the words 'Yappy Christmas' It was a must have for £1.29! Here are the resulting snaps for me to work my magic with! He just sends a few cards to close family and one to his friend Lewis although my friend died of cancer this year so maybe her husband wouldn't appreciate it like she did. This week sees the completion of my dog and cat treats for the school christmas fayre on Friday and I sold my dog advent calendar at my craft sale the other night, so I must get another one started today ready for monday! Need to sew some cat treat sachets too!
Still working on my sweetie bloom orders today and the dreaded housework and ironing to do, so planty to keep me busy! Need to complete my supplies lists for the Scrabook Apprentice so I can get them posted! Today is the day that the completed layouts go live on the Creativity Life blog for voting to start!! It looks like you vote to keep someone in and the one with least votes is voted off. The layouts are not showing yet this morning. I have to admit I am a bit nervous! I want to see how everyone has done!! Wont know who is voted off until December 30th! Why did I do this????!!!!!!Lol! Hope Barney will be my good luck mascot! I used his photo on one of my layouts! Used my acrylic album in a very ingenious way I thought! Lol! I wonder if they will show the cards we had to make too? I made an 18th card for DS1 who is 18 at Christmas, with a few pop out elements that come out when you open it.

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