Monday, 3 November 2008

Project 3 - Mini Paper bag album

Day 3 embellishment - this is based around an old mini playing card. I bought an old set of 'Kan-U-go' cards from e-bay and punched out the letters with my square punch to use on scrapbook page titles. This left me with lots of cards that look like slide mounts so this is a use for onr of them!!! I mounted the slide mount on a piece of the leftover backing paper. Then I cut to squares from a bingo card and inked the edges with a brown ink pad This I attached using a lrage foam pad. I then wrapped the whole thing around with some K&Co paper lace (self adhesive) and added a button. The bells were cut from the Vintage Christmas backing paper and added using silicone glue.Project 3.
This paper bag book is made from one 12x12 paper bag that my monthly kit club comes in.
You will need:

Large paper bag 12 inch
Sewing machine (optional)
Alphabet stickers
Bazzill cardstock
Glue stick
Double sided tape
Christmas papers

1. Fold the bag in half one way, then in half the other way, then cut along the folds to give four pieces. Stitch along the cut edges using the sewing machine, so that the book will have pockets to put things in, just the recently cut edges, not the original open end!! 2. Fold each paper bag in half to make a centre crease for the spine of the book. Alternate the open ends one side, then the other.
3. Cut 6 pieces of patterned paper to fit within the size of the page. I used some Rhonna Farrer Christmas papers, one of which was a die cut shape. Cut two pieces of contrasting Bazzill cardstock the same size as the papers, one for the front cover and one for the back.
4. using the sewing machine, stitch around the edge of each piece of paper and cardstock in a contrasting thread, using a variety of stitches. Don't choose stitches that are too close together as the paper will just rip, choose very open stitches, or adjust them so they become more open. You could juct use a zig zag if you prefer. Stitch very slightly in from the edge, using the edge of the presser foot at a guide.
5. Staple a small tab of ribbon to the leading edge of each paper, so it will stick out at different levels.
6. Apply double sided tape to the back of each piece of paper and glue one sheet, to each page of the paper bag.
7. Once all the backing papers are in place, assemble the pages on top of each other and punch through all layers using a Cropadile big bite. Punch four holes, evenly spaced.
8. Use a long length of ribbon, about 4 times the height of th book, start from the outside, threading the ribbon at one end of the book, like a running stitch, leave a long end to tie a bow with. When you get to the bottom, turn around and come back up to the top, filling in the spaces. (see above photo.) Using your two long ends, tie a bow on the outside and trim the ends diagonally.
9. Use the Bazzill cradstock, under the patterned paper on both the front and the back cover to add strength. Glue them in place using double sided tape and gluestick in the centre. I chose a patterned paper with a tree on, which I selected to be in the corner as my front cover decoration. I added a few pale green Kaiser gems and some Papermania cardstock letters.
This book could be used for various things, but I am going to record the Christmas Traditions in our house, that need to be saved and handed down to future generations.

Hope you enjoyed todays project, happy crafting! TFLx Join me again tomorrow!


sue-bubbles said...

This is another lovely project CC! Ive found my little clipboard so Im going to start yesterdays project later. Ive also kept all the paper bags from the Studio Calico kits - I might make a large paperbag album CC, incorporating some of your fab ideas!
Thanks for all your hard work prepping these gorgeous projects!
Sue x

a little bit of me........ said...

i love this CC and how great to pass on to the next generations, id like to do a non christmas based one for my husbands Turkish Traditions to pass down to the future generations, thanks for your fab ideas.